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Next Sunday run 29th November will leave from next to the cafe in the Top o Town car park at 10am for a ride out to Wareham, and if the weather's half decent, heading back over the top of Whiteways on the way back... route here: https://www.strava.com/activities/28231895 As always, no one left behind, everyone welcome.

22nd November, 5 set out at 10am and in fact had an ice free ride,and Andrew and Jeremy set out at 1.30 following the same circuit in the afternoon sunshine...


The route is there if anyone is braver than Andrew, Will, and Jeremy, but take great care.

We'll probably head out around lunchtime, maybe towards Wareham if it hasn't thawed, and will post on Facebook if a plan forms.

Sunday run this Sunday 22nd November will be based on this route out to Sutton Bingham Lakes, and back via the Cerne Valley https://www.strava.com/routes/3663908, meet as always top of town car park at 09.50ish for 10am departure to explore the highways and byways of Dorset, some of which you might not have seen before.

Everyone welcome, no one left behind. Perfect winter base miles.

Sunday run this week 15th November will be out to West Bay and back, down the Bride Valley. We can either come back via Eggardon (as shown) or do a straight there and back. Meet 09.50ish at Top o Town car park for departure at 10AM.

Route here: https://www.strava.com/routes/3637777

As always, this will be a steady paced, sociable traditional Sunday club run, with everyone welcome, and no-one left behind.

1st Club Run of 2015/16... got off to a great start with 7 riders setting off on the first dry day for ages, for a sociable loop up the Piddle valley, Kings Stag, and then skirting round the edge of Yetminster, and back down the Cerne Valley. A tail wind up the Piddle Valley, and shelter down the Cerne, + taking turns on the front meant the average speed of just over 15mph didn't feel as fast as it sounds. Just one puncture, which was good considering how much debris was on the roads.

Track of the actual ride here.

Sunday Club runs start this Sunday 8th November: Depart 10am Top of Town car park, steady club run - we'll probably average around 15mph overall, but will start off below that (and make it up in the Cerne Valley on the return) and won't leave anyone behind. Everyone welcome.

Route will be up the piddle valley, kings stag, and around on quiet roads to the top of the Cerne Valley - exact is here: https://www.strava.com/activities/236688529

Plan is to have a run every week through the winter (weather permitting), and to publish the route in advance...

The CC Weymouth AGM will be held at 

7pm on Tuesday 3rd November

Venue: Vivo Lounge, Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester.


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of 2014 AGM

3. Chairs report

4. Treasurers Report

5. Election of committee (Notified as prepared to stand as of 6/10/15: Chair: Andrew Preston; Secretary: Heidi Gould; TT Secretary: Andrew Jackson; Treasurer: Jeremy Guy; Welfare Officer: Dr William Wilson; Other committee members: Steve Pink, Patrick Dunn, Steve Oliver) If you would like to stand for one of the officers posts, or join the committee, please email chair@ccweymouth.co.uk

6. Prizes: Points champion; Vet Champion; Ladies Champion; Best Junior; Most improved Rider; Best Newcomer; Randonneur of the year; Hill climb champion; Clubman of the year. Award of Standards medals.

7. 2015 TT event programme

8. Proposal for new points structure for 2016 onwards

9. AOB

Resurrecting CCW Top O Town meet up Sunday runs

Please email chair@ccweymouth.co.uk if you have any other items you would like to add to the agenda.

Tapas and drinks will be available at the bar.

Tuesday 19th May
Tuesday 19th May sees the first '2up' Time Trial of the season, on the Warmwell 10 course.

For those who haven't done a 2 up before, the idea is to ride together, protecting each other from the wind which will result in a quicker time than riding alone, so it is really good speed training. Riding so close requires extra care as accidents can happen more easily - communication is the key - lead rider must shout or point to let the following rider know of any hazards.

If one of you is stronger, then take longer turns at the front (or lead the whole way), and try to pace at exactly the fastest pace your partner can sustain - if you drop them they'll use more energy and your overall time will be slower.

If it is safe, the transition can be done with the lead rider moving to the right, and flicking the elbow to call the following rider through - but it must be safe to do so, and the following rider should also check behind to make sure it is safe. If in doubt the following rider must overtake on the outside to take their turn. Other than during an agreed overtake (that you are sure is safe), the following rider must take care NEVER to run up the inside of the lead rider because if s/he moves left it can easily cause a crash.

The secret of a fast time is pacing, and smooth transitions that sustain the speed by gradually increasing power to keep the speed constant with the extra wind resistance.

All that said, it's a great discipline, really good practice for sportive, and group riding, and good speed work, and well worth practicing!

The practical details
We pair up on the night, so you dont' have to have a partner before you arrive.
You can race solo, and will get a time, and a race position, BUT won't get any points
Teams can be all CCW or with riders from other clubs
Start times are at TWO MINUTE INTERVALS for the pairs (one minute for solo riders) - it is the LOWEST race number in the team that dictates the start time
Finish times for both riders in a team are the time of the slowest rider (so it's best to cross the line together)
CC Weymouth members who have a non CCW partner will get a race position and points

As we can't sign on until we're in pairs, if you haven't pre-arranged a team, please arrive early to allow time to find a partner, and then sign on together.

Monday 4 May 2015
Poole Wheelers Club 10 on P415 'The Ski Slope 10'

In the midst of the showers and high winds May Day allowed a window of opportunity as the winds dropped and the sun came out for Poole Wheelers 'turn up and ride' club event on the fastest 10 course in Dorset.

Conditions were almost perfect although a few degrees warmer would have been welcomed by everyone dressed in their lycra skinsuits at 7am in the morning. 47 (!) riders turned up to enjoy the conditions including 3 from CC Weymouth.

Showing remarkable powers of recovery from his previous day's exertions Bryce Riglar was top CCW man and lowered his 10 mile PB in a superb time of 21:07. Hot on his heels was Steven Pink taking over half a minute off his PB in 21:23 and Andrew Jackson recorded his best time of the year so far in 25:01.

First place overall went to Primera Sports' James Horton in 20:37 which was also a PB for the National XC mountain bike rider.

Bryce Riglar                         21:07 PB
Steven Pink                        21:23 PB
Andrew Jackson               25:01 SB

Sunday 3 May 2015

Welsh Championships (25 mile)

Wet and windy conditions on the Welsh 'super course' tempered potential times, but several local riders made the trip...

John Chapman was rewarded with a fantastic new 25 mile PB of 55:04 and Bryce Riglar just missed out on a new PB of his own by 4 seconds but was showing signs of some great form to come.

The event was won by Kieron Davis of NBCC in an astonishing 48:10, Kieron is coached by Bob Tobin, who also coaches last year's multiple National Champion Matt Bottrill, and Bob expects his young charge to give the current champ a real run for his money this year.

Notable results from local riders included:
John Chapman                  55:04 PB
Bryce Riglar                         56:02 (3 seconds away from a PB)
Greg Parker                        51:20 (not sure if he's still 2nd claim?)
Terry Icke                            55:15

Tuesday 21st April
Tonights TT on P459 course starting near the glider club is ON – Justin has spoken to the Council about this and they assured him that there will be a gradual ramp of 40mm at either end of a 500 metre stretch of road which will have a reasonable surface as they will have already tarmaced 60mm with the top 40mm to be done at the end all in one go.
They plan to be off of the road by 4pm so everything should be alright.

With recent large fields early signing on - around 6pm - would be appreciated if you can get there nice and early.

Race start 6.30pm.

1st evening TT of the season!
The first evening TT of the season will be held on Tuesday 7th April - it's our annual season starter 5mile TT on the downhill section of P451. Starting at 6.30pm sharp (so we can finish before we lose the light*) please sign on at Warmwell roundabout by 6.15pm.

Everyone welcome, it's a perfect event for your first TT.

* If you're riding home afterwards, you'll need lights.

Open 10
The open 10 went well, with a storming ride by Adam Topham winning the day in an impressive 20:13, and CC Weymouth riders took the team prize with a combined time of (01:07:05) with great rides from:
Patrick Dunn 22:01
Steven Pink 22:20
Chris Randall 22:44.

Overall: Adam Topham (20:13)
1st Lady: Claire Moir (25.19)
1st junior: Samuel Wadesly (22.57)
1st veteran on standard: Terry Icke (22.36)

Results here

Race report on Eamonn Dean's blog, here.

Open 10 mile TT - Easter Sunday
The start sheet for our open 10 is now on the facbeook page – to see it, please click here.

- it's going to be an exciting race, with some very quick times.

If there are any other members/friends/supporters available who can help on the day with marshalling, spotting etc., please drop us a line via facebook or email - contact details for Stuart Carrington, race organiser, are here.

A machine breakdown on the A352 resurfacing works means that they will not be completed before Saturday's 25 mile TT so the event has been moved to run on P459 - the 'glider club course'.

We will run a 2 lap, 20 mile race, starting and finishing in the layby where we sign on.

Course details here - please tell everyone who needs to know!

1st and 2nd Claim Cycling Club membership
With growing numbers of BC registered cycling clubs, it is becoming much more common for cyclists to be members of more than one club, and the issue of what this means affects some CC Weymouth members, so we have written this explanation of the position with regard to 2nd claim membership, and championship points.

The history of 2nd Claim membership is that belonging to cycling clubs has historically been much like football club allegiance – a lifelong association, and the current structure of club membership with first and second claim status reflects this.

When cyclists moved area they would often retain membership of their original club, joining local clubs as second claim members to:

a) support the club whose events they were riding by paying the membership fee; and/or

b) enable them to enter district championship competitions that they would not be able to earn points in riding for their first claim club, because it was in a different region.

Traditionally, second claim members are not given points in championship tables, because they join the club for the reasons above, rather than to be part of club competitions. This rule also prevented good riders joining two clubs that are close to eachother, and devaluing the competition by competing for victory in two championships.

This remains the normal membership position, and is the case for members of other local clubs such as Poole Wheelers, and indeed virtually all clubs in the UK organising time trials under CTT rules - including CC Weymouth.

Road Racing and TimeTrialling
The two disciplines of Road Racing and Time Trialling fall under different governing bodies, so the issue of 2nd claim membership is split: riders who are members of two clubs can decide to be 1st claim of one club in road racing, and 2nd claim for time trialling, or vice versa.

As CC Weymouth does not organise any road races currently, the principle issue is the 1st claim club for Time Trialling – riders who are members of two clubs must decide which is their first claim club for points. 

Declaring 2nd Claim membership status
Prior to March 2015, we assumed members joining online were joining CCW as the first claim club, unless informed otherwise. In future this will be checked, so if you are a member who would rather race in Time Trials for another club this season, and therefore do not wish to take part in the CCW points championship, but would like to support your local club through the payment of membership fees as a second claim member, please email secretary@ccweymouth.co.uk as soon as possible.

Moreton circuit 21st March
2nd Race of the season is tomorrow - Saturday 21st March - on the 'Moreton Circuit'  - which is two laps of the circuit on the link, 22 miles in total.

If it sounds too much, you can do just one lap, but points are awarded to those who do the two lap race. The timekeeper will endeavour to give everyone their split times too.

The reason we do this early season is because it's good training, racing further helps improve your 10mile performance, and this course with some climbing means people often do it on their winter road bike.

The sign on, is at the start - the (old) Moreton village hall. Please don't park on the course near the start / finish.

Last year we rented the hall, but this year is the day of the handover of the keys for the new hall, so it's not free - but future races here we'll have the use of the hall.

There's a few junctions on the course - so check out the map and make sure you know where to turn. Also all riders requested to proceed with care when turning left onto the A354 - be prepared to stop if there is traffic approaching!

P451 the 'Warmwell 10 course'  was the course chosen for the National 10mile TT championship in 1999. The event was won by Matt Illingworth in a time of 20:17 - The record set then was only broken in 2014 by Adam Topham, who set an impressive new benchmark of 20:03.

In recognition of the importance of this long standing record, the club had offered a prize at our open events of £200 to a winning rider breaking this record - the prize is still on offer.


We have 33 entries so far, and there are already 4 entrants with sub 20 minute times on their entry form, Adam Topham has entered again as has Graham Moir who has recorded a 10mile TT time of 19:00!!

With parts of the course resurfaced with new super fast tarmac there is a real possibility this record will fall.

Everyone is welcome to enter - we have entries from 18 clubs - the great thing about Time Trialling is that we all get to enter the same event - elite and newcomer alike - so if you'd like to enter you can do so on the CTT website here

And if you can't enter but are around on the day we could use help with marshalling and/or at Broadmayne village hall - please let us know via facebook if you can help.

OUR 1st 10 of 2015
The CC Weymouth Time Trial Season begins this Saturday at 10am, with our first race on the 'Warmwell 10' course:

Sign on from 09.30, all riders to sign on by 09.45 so the time keeper can get to the start.
EVERYONE welcome... if you fancy having a go, now is the time to do it - getting a result in early on in the season gives you a benchmark to measure against. See you on Saturday!

Note to all riders: If you want your points recorded (and why wouldn't you? ;-) you must be a member before the race starts - the definitive and up to date members list is on the website here:

There is no back-dating of points for people who join after events (because of all the re-scoring involved).

It's only £8, and you can join in person at Poundbury Cyclesport, or online here.

Sunday 8th March: 2nd Interclub TT
Poole Wheelers are organising another interclub TT on Sunday morning at 9am. The course is P459 the Glider club 10 course - this event starts and finishes at the layby where we sign on. It's a 2 lap race, although the timekeepers will give a time for 1 lap too.

Sign on from 08.30, and by 08.45. If you're riding out, and want company, post a note on the facebook page.

22nd Feb, only a few CCW riders out for this one, hopefully that'll pick up as the season gets underway!

Sunday 22nd Feb:  the first local time trial of the season!
It's a Poole Wheelers event, and there is an interclub points competition (like the hill climb series) that aims to encourage riders to try other club's courses... so an extra reason to go.

The course for this one starts just west of the P459 monkey world course here. It is a 16.5 mile route going west, South, East past Moreton tea room to Wool then picking up the second and third legs of the P459... like this.

10am start, sign on by 9:45 - there may be a contingent cycling from the Trumpet Major leaving 08.35 / Warmwell 08:50...updates on Facebook.

This course is technical in places, so PW don't race it in the wet, Ros has said she will cancel early if it's clear they can't do it - there will be an announcement on their forum at around 8am on Sunday.

There's always a mixture of bikes on this early season tester, some TT bikes (so if you want to get it out, you can) but lots of mudguards too!

Membership of CCW runs from 1st January to 31st December - the list of paid up members for the 2015 season is here. To join or renew, paying online using a credit card or PayPal please click here. You can also join in person at Poundbury Cyclesport.

The CCW AGM was held at 11.15am on Sunday 8th FEBRUARY at West Stafford VIllage Hall, and was preceeded by a club run to Wareham Quay and back.

Draft minutes of the meeting are below - if you notice any inaccuracies or omissions, please email webmaster@ccweymouth.co.uk  .

11.15am Sunday 8th Feb 2015
West Stafford Village Hall

Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)
Present: Andrew Preston, Jeremy Guy, Heidi Gould, Darren Matthews, Andrew Jackson, Phil Smith, Peter James, Richard Gould, Sandra Gould, Philip Clive, William Wilson.

1. Apologies for absence: Andrew Stevenson, Justin Oakley, Patrick Dunn.

2. Minutes of last meeting: The AGM accepted the apology for the lack of written minutes of the last AGM, on the basis that there were no material decisions taken other than the election of the committee.

3. Chairs report.
Andrew Preston briefly noted some highlights from the past twelve months:
* Around 900 entries in our TT events across the season
* 41 riders with points on the points table, vs 21 in 2013
* The Trial event on our New hill climb course which had gone very well (CTTC approval pending)
* The new database of results that Justin has built which will make ongoing results more accessible
* The delivery of the new club kit, which is proving popular
* Interclub Hill Climb: CCW were pipped to the post by the new team of Mud Sweat and Gears who took us slightly by surprise, and are now interclub hill climb TT champions... we hope to take the title back next season.
* That taking out / renewing membership with payment by card or paypal is now live on the CCW website.

4. Treasurers report:
Andrew Stevenson (AS) - who after many year's service as treasurer is stepping down - was unable to attend, so Andrew Preston passed on his report, detailing income and expenditure.
Income from subs (£156), Time Trial Entries (£1596.00), and Events (£288.00) totalled £2040.00, with expenditure for CTT (£598.00), British Cycling (£63.00), Events (£552.00), Trophies / Equipment (£195.51), AGM (£170.00), and Website (£122.40) totalling: £1701.91, so the bank account at the season end (31.10.14) had grown by £388.09 to £2743.27.

AS noted that since the year end, the club had bought stock of new kit with the value of £1,243 for the clothing, the cost of this will be recovere (however, there will be an ongoing invesment in stock so that people can try the kit for size before buying), we have also paid out CTT fees of around £900 CTT fees, and made a £200 donation for charities chosen by Zena in memory of Gary Dighton.

The Treasurers report was accepted, with thanks, by the meeting.

5. Election of the committee
There has been one nomination received for each of the following positions:
Chair             Andrew Preston
Treasurer        Jeremy Guy
TT Sec            Stuart Carrington
Secretary:        Heidi Gould

And five other nominations for places on the committee from: Justin Oakley, Andrew Jackson, Steven Pink, Patrick Dunn, and Darren Matthews.

These nominations were unanimously approved by the AGM.

6. AOB
There was general agreement that there would be an appetite for a 15mph ish Sunday club run, AP and JG agreed to circulate details of some sunday rides starting at around 11am on Sunday mornings.
There was also general agreement that we should do more to encourage attendance at the interclub hill climb races.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed.

2014 Prizes
The 2014 competition prize winners were announced at the AGM:
Points champion: Steven Pink
Vet Champion: David Butt
Ladies Champion: Lizzie Reynolds
Most improved: Matthew Merritt
Best Newcomer: Peter James
Randonneur of the year: Andrew Preston
Hill climb champion: Patrick Dunn
Clubman of the year: Mrs Butt

The CCW AGM will be held at 11.15am on SUNDAY 8TH FEBRUARY at West Stafford Village Hall.

The plan (weather permitting) is to meet at West Stafford Village Hall at 9am for a steady social club run out to Wareham Quay and back before the AGM.

Free Tea / coffee, and soup / rolls will be available in the hall from 11am, and at 11.15am we'll have the AGM and prize giving.

Below is the draft agenda, and details of current nomninations. Please send other nominations for the commitee, or other items you would like on the Agenda to andrew@exchangesupplies.org by 12 Noon on SUNDAY 11th JANUARY.

TIME: 11.15AM


1. Minutes of 2013 AGM

2. Chairs report

3. Treasurers Report

4. Election of committee
    Nominations for
         Chair: Andrew Preston
         Treasurer: Jeremy Guy
         Secretrary: Heidi Gould
         TT secretary: Stuart Carrington
Other committee members: Justin Oakley, Steve Pink, Patrick Dunn, Darren Matthews and Andrew Jackson.

5. Prizes
          Points champion
          Vet Champion
          Ladies Champion   
          Best Junior
          Most improved
          Best Newcomer
          Randonneur of the year
          Hill climb champion
          Clubman of the year

          Standards medals

6. 2015 TT event list

7. AOB