2009 club news archive


13 Dec

12 riders signed on for this mornings reliability ride, the 2nd of the winter series, to cover the 70k route. Among them was Stu Carrington, hoping to prove that all the training he had been doing was not going to waste. Stu was accompanied by 3 of his MTB buddies, who would come in very handy on the steeper slopes later on. Bryce, Andrew, Jeremy, William, Nick and Chippers were some of the club riders that turned up and Dave the Essex boy, who has moved into the area recently, made up for most of the peleton. With a fairly cold and stiff North Easterly blowing the first part of the ride was taken fairly easily to allow people to warm up a bit. It was on the first real climb of the day, Lime Kiln, that things really started to warm up. Stu made an unusually early attempt at a get away on the steep slope, only to be pulled back in near the top. The riders stayed together for most of the ride until a few punctures caused a split in the group. On the 2nd one it was Dave and Chippers who had to do the chasing once the repair had been carried out. Well, really it was Dave with Chippers sat on his wheel. It took until close to the end of the ride until the lead riders of William, Andrew and Jeremy were pulled back in. Dave, who was clearly the strongest rider in the small field, took the sprint for first place. Well done to all that attended, especially Stu. If anyone has an XXL set of cycling tights i am sure Stu's purple legs would appreciate them.


5 Dec

As some of you may know, Stu Carrington is hoping for great results next year. Stu has been kind enough to share some of his training tips with the rest of the club. So here is an extract from one of his many training camps. Take it away Stu......As you may remember from my piece on cycling round Rutland Water, a sideline of my job is to provide specialist services to a specialist sector of the tourism industry. This takes me to interesting places to use my vast array of highly trained skills in different and challenging ways. The latest trip is a prime example; a cold and wet November weekend in Cornwall, utilising such skills as ordering curry, drinking Leffe (a peculiar Belgian beer designed with no other purpose than inflicting really bad hangovers) and counting little pieces of paper (votes) cast at an AGM. Much like the CCW AGM except they pay me for being there and provide more beer. Anyway, as with all good trips away there is usually a bit of down-time. This particular trip spreads 6 hours work over 3 days so is particularly good in this respect. I have to do a little eating and drinking as well so my itinerary left me with the time to spend 4 hours cycling around Bodmin, getting in the base miles.

First thing – check the forecast and pack accordingly. Bike, shoes, helmet, saddle (long story for another time), pump, tubes, levers, mint cake and as much warm and waterproof clothing as I can fit in the car. I was ready for anything. This was going to be a great ride – really helping to get me ready for the next season. And then I actually arrive at the resort to be greeted by an unnaturally attractive receptionist.
“Good evening, Mr Carrington, Sir.”
Being called “Sir” always makes me smile, but what came next had me grinning like the Joker.
“Unfortunately, we overbooked the standard lodges. Would you mind an upgrade to one of the luxury lodges?”
Now, the standard lodges are pretty special, so, with barely concealed glee (not concealed at all really), I accepted, was presented with my key and off I went. Luxury was not overstating it. Just for me I had a huge lounge, 2 bathrooms (each the size of a normal lounge), a kitchen my mother would kill for, and a wide-screen telly so big that I couldn’t have fitted it in the car if I had ever let the thought of stealing it cross my mind. As I unloaded the car and put the bike in its own beautifully decorated bedroom I could feel my resolve for winter base miles disappearing remarkably quickly. It took quite an effort to remember that I have been hassling Ian for training tips and really need to keep following them. I hardened my resolve and fixed the following afternoon for 4 hours at upper range 1 to lower range 2 – in the cold and wet, on my own, being cold, and wet, and very, very virtuous.

Resolved. Definite. Positive. Certain.

Right up until the following afternoon!

The rain was constant, the wind was strong, it was cold ……. AND THE UPSTAIRS BATHROOM HAD A JACUZZI!!!!!

Imagine the bathroom you would have if you had no kids, twice the income and two cleaners coming in every day to make it sparkle. Put a huge Jacuzzi in the middle of that image, with a pull out tray for snacks and Leffe. Pipe in your favourite music from the state of the art sound system. Relish the idea of unlimited hot water and bubble bath. Allow yourself to imagine having 4 hours to enjoy this whilst it rains and blows outside the perfectly fitted, double-glazed skylight.

Picture the whole thing, hold the image for as long as you can, and then …

Guess how many base miles I actually managed ?

So if you were wondering why Dean was the club champion and not Stu, that should go someway to explaining it.


22 Nov

50k Reliability trial.

If you are thinking of doing the above event, too late, you missed it. With the sun beating down on the 40+ riders and a gentle sea breeze to cool them down, and even a cloudless sky.....Wait a minute, that's not how it was. 8 brave(stupid) riders signed on for this mornings 50k ride in torrential rain and storm force winds. I was hoping someone would have the sense to call it off but nobody wanted to seem like a softie. So with Jeremy, Dean, Fozzie, Charlie, Nick, Chippers, Todd and Andrew wanting to get it over with as quickly as possible we set off on our journey. The first hour was very pleasant, well it wasn't actually, but we did have a very strong tailwind, which was very helpful going up Goulds hill. On the return leg Dean decided to show why he is this years club champion and made a break into the headwind. Nick, Fozzie, Charlie and Chippers managed to get onto his wheel just in time. This was the pattern for most of the return journey. Nick did manage to do a strong pull on the front to get them over the Chalky climb still together. Charlie let the gap open up a little bit too much and had to drop back a bit. The remainder stayed more or less together until the finish, with Dean doing the towing along the sea front. The group all managed to finish in the allocated time and i am glad to say that everybody said they had a wonderful time and cant wait for the next one...


25 Oct

Congratulations to Ian Cardy on his fine second place in Saturdays 10 mile running race. Ian's time of 55 minutes was only seconds behind the first place runner in what can only be described as monsoon weather conditions. Well Done Ian.

In the final hill climb of the season it was another great showing by the CC Weymouth riders. Dean won his 3rd event in the 4 event series to take the overall win. Ian Cardy took his 2nd 2nd place of the weekend with Reuben in 4th. Julian was 5th and Todd got 9th. Chippers was next, in 12th place, closely followed by Bryce in 14th spot. Dave Jones proved that his climb on Portland was no fluke taking 16th. Martin and Mathew Mildon were next in 27th and 28th places closely followed by William Wilson in 29th. Andrew Jackson was 32nd with Stu Carrington in 35th and his son Oliver in 37th. Overall a great ride by the team, both today, where we took the points win by 27 points, but overall in the competition where the club just failed to hold off the greater numbers of Bournemouth Jubillee. Well Done to all the riders that made the effort to attend the series and hopefully next year we will have a few more riders who are willing to have a go.


23 Oct

This Saturday Ian Cardy will be taking part in the Weymouth 10 mile running race. The race gets underway at 10:00 and will start from the pavillion end of the sea front and go along it 4 times. Its a race Ian has won before, so if you are in the area around that time pop down and cheers him on. Best of luck Ian.


Just a reminder that this Sunday is the last chance for the team to win the inter-club hillclimb competition. It would be great to see as many members as possible make the effort to attend. As an added bonus the clocks go back, so you dont even have to get up too early. Race starts at 10:00 from the bottom of Whiteways hill, East Lulworth. If you fancy riding out a group will leave Fords corner at 08:20, pass Chalbury r/bt at 08:40, Warmwell r/bt at 09:00 and from there make its way to Wool, Coombe Keynes then Whiteways.


18 Oct

Congratulations to Dean Critchel on another win in the Inter-club hill climb competition. Dean was 1st in 2:15:19. 2nd place went to Reuben with 2:16:75. Jules was 15th with 2:43:93, Todd 16th with 2:44:18, Bryce 17th with 2:44:50, Chippers 18th with 2:44:55, Martin Mildon was 32nd with 3:20:10, Andrew Jackson was 34th with 3:23:47, Andrew Preston was 37th with 3:30:10 and William Wilson was 38th with 3:32:43. Well done to everyone that made the effort this week. With BJW having large numbers at the event today the club has fallen some way behind. Next week is the last race in the series and we need as many members as possible to try and claw some points back, so please make an effort to attend.


16 Oct

For the club members who are intending to ride the Kingston hill climb this Sunday, the timing for the ride out are as follows. For the Dorchester riders the meet is at Top of Town car park, and will leave at 08:10. From there ride to Warmwell r/bt to meet up with the Weymouth riders at approx. 08:35. Then on to Wool for 09:00. Ride then is to the Springfield hotel and then on to Corfe Castle and Kingston hill climb. There are only 2 races left in the series so please make a big effort to attend.


14 Oct

Congratulations to Dean Critchel on breaking Max Baldocks course record for the Creech hill climb last Sunday. Deans time of 2:31:3 took 0:00:4 from Max's old record. With 2 stages left CC Weymouth have a slender lead over BJW. Can i ask everyone again to make the effort to take part in these next 2 events, in order to give the club a good chance of winning.


11 Oct

A great turnout once again from the club riders at the creech hill climb. 12 riders made it to the start line, however, we are waiting on a stewards enquiry to see if everyone got a finishing time. Of the results i do have, Dean got the better of Ruebens this week by the massive margin of 2 seconds. I am sure Ruebens will be looking for revenge next week. Julian got 5th with Bryce doing a fantastic climb only 4 seconds behind him. Todd was next in, just 6 seconds further back. With Chippers, Mathew and Martin Mildon, Andrew's Jackson and Preston, Jeremy and hopefully William Wilson all picking up points, it was another good day for CC Weymouth riders. It will be interesting next week, if only to see Todd riding a proper bike, and hopefully with pedals and shoes instead of his slippers. If we make the same effort for the next 2 weeks it will put the club in a very good position in the competition. Well Done.


10 Oct

This just in from World Champion Ian Cardy.......I arrived in Concord on Wednesday afternoon after an eight hour flight and not much sleep. The heat (30 degrees) and humidity (90% at the time) hit me straight away – if conditions stayed like this the race would be tough. After checking in to the team hotel, a quick loosening run around the race venue confirmed my concerns that the climate would be a key part in deciding the race. Time to hydrate, fuel sensibly (tying to ignore the plethora of advertisements enticing me to eat burgers, pizza and all manner of tempting fattening delights!) and continue with my well rehearsed taper and drills for the final few days before the race.
The preparation went very well, with the usual nerves slightly more on edge than normal. Understandably. Race day dawned cool and wet – a dramatic turnaround from the heat and humidity I had been keen to acclimatize to since arriving in Concord. Now it was more like a British summer!
So I should have relaxed, right? Well, no. The last time I raced in the wet, I crashed in transition and dislocated a finger. Not a good omen.
Once I arrived at the venue, reports of the Elite athletes (who were racing in the morning – my race would be mid afternoon) crashing out and having difficulties dealing with the greasy conditions didn’t assist in settling the nerves. Nevertheless, some focus, quiet time in making final preparations and firing myself up with a tried and tested warm up seemed to help.
At 3:45pm local time, the horn blared and my wave was away. A quick paced run (which would have put us up ahead of the Elite guys) soon settled down – with a group of five setting the pace – myself, compatriot Lee Piercy, American Mark Beversdorf, Frenchman Didier Virvaleix and Mexican Mario Salazar.
The pace ebbed and flowed over the undulating twisting course, which had its fair share of technical bends and changes in surface to keep us occupied.
The five of us remained in a close group over the ten kilometres course right up until the first transition onto the bike. We entered together around 32:30 for the 10k but left on the bikes very differently – our transition times were identical almost, but it was Lee and I that tore off on the slippery mix of road, car park and race track tarmac and concrete.
Within the first lap, we had put 30 seconds into Virvaleix, a minute into Beversdorf and two into Salazar. More ebbing and flowing ensued between Lee and I, whilst unbeknown to us three others were chasing us down – Americans Kevin O’Connor and Todd Wiley and with Didier making a comeback. I took more risks on the descents and bends than the others, who would then gain ground on the flat. Continual feeding and drinking kept me occupied in the meantime, along with a torrential downpour that served to cool the heat of the race. This continued until midway through the final lap when Lee pulled to the side out of the race. It transpired that he had hit a pothole and had broken his stem (the same pothole that dislodged my aero water bottle and left me with just a bar mounted bottle to keep me hydrated). Initial emotions of feeling sorry for Lee were rapidly replaced by the nervous reality that I was now comfortably leading the race. Time to push harder.
The two powerful Americans would eventually catch me up on the flatter part of the course within the Motor Speedway stadium as we neared the end of the 36 kilometre cycle leg in 56 minutes (the two Americans having taken around a minute less). Despite entering the transition dismount are in third, a very swift transition on my part (drills for which I had been practicing week on week!) enabled me to start the last run a few seconds ahead. Being the fox with two hounds chasing is not fun(!), but traditionally the final run is my strongest element. I knew it would hurt, but I had to push harder than I had ever done before – this is the World Championships after all. Two kilometers in, a change of course direction enabled me to casually check the progress of the others – I was clear. The race was mine to lose. A very nervous final kilometer then 500m of technical twists, turns, ascents and descents ensued, before finally entering the stadium and heading toward the finishing straight. The line in sight, I finally relaxed. No-one could beat me now and I virtually floated toward the finish to cover the final 5k in 16:44 and overall 1:46:34. Indescribable joy and emotion engulfed me as I realized what I had achieved – World Champion in my debut season. Despite the rain pouring around me I was inconsolably happy and proud. Recovering my emotions in time to welcome home O’Connor and Wiley, I grabbed a Union Flag and had a few pictures taken before finding a ‘phone to break the good news to my wife and daughter back at home.
That I raced hard was evident by the fact that despite now being willing and able to sample the delights of American cuisine I had sacrificed myself from having all this time, bad stomach cramps meant I spent most of the celebratory meal doubled up in pain whilst trying to eat some pasta! No pain, no gain.
A short week later, I was back into competition at Oulton Park. The efforts of Concord had taken their toll, not helped by a very fast first run and not feeding enough on the bike leg. A second place behind former national champion Matt Moorhouse was all I could manage this time around, but I guess I peaked when it mattered!


4 Oct

Amazingly, 38 people with nothing better to do on a Sunday morning, turned up for today's Portland hill climb. With such a large number the start had to be delayed whilst the timekeeper sent out for more numbers. With this being the first event in the Inter-club hill climb competition there was a good turn out from Poole Wheeler, Bournemouth Jubillee, Wessex R.C. and CC Weymouth. There was even 6 day members and Gordon Scott from Chippenham and Dist. With riders ages starting at 12 yrs old and going through to Pete Tindley at 75, it just goes to show that cycling is for all. When the event did get underway it was a battle of the specialists with Reuben Moss taking the win in a fantastic time of 4:57. Only 2 seconds slower was his training partner, and now club champion, Dean critchel. In the vets competition Pete Tindley did enough to ensure that he keeps the trophy for yet another year. Thanks to Ian and Rose for your efforts this morning to ensure we had a great event. Well done to all the riders today and i hope you can make a similar effort for the next 3 event. Full Result


2 Oct

This Sunday see's the first of the Inter-club hill climbs. It would be nice to see a few more members from the club attending the 3 other events that follow on from our own. Every rider, regardless of ability, will gain points for the club by attending the other races. It is hoped that these events will start the Sunday club runs, weather permitting, so i intend to put something on the site with regards meeting points and timings. If you dont fancy the ride over then make the effort to drive to the start and pick up some points for the club.


27 Sept


Congratulations to Ian Cardy who today won his age group in the World Duathlon Championships in the USA. Ian's time was also good enough to place him 6th overall. A full report on the event will follow on his return. Well Done Ian and just reward for all the hard work you have put in over the year.

In the Athlete's open event yesterday, last years winner Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael, returned to claim another victory. Rowan's time of 23:22 was an 11 second win over Paul Flight, UTAG Yamaha, who himself was 11 seconds clear of Dave Pickering, BJW, in 3rd place. Julian Thacker was best placed club rider in 4th place. Stuart Carrington, riding his 1st open event, was next in with 27:36. Pete Tindley was next up with 29:17 closely followed by Andrew Jackson, also in his first open, with 29:51. Many thanks to all the helpers who made the event run as smoothly as usually.


23 Sept

Ian Locock has today received an email from Paul Gould. This is what Paul had to say....

Thank you all Very Much !!!

It was a real pleasure and very humbling to receive the money you all collected for me last year. The £1000 was well beyond my expectations and I can’t thank you enough.

So let me tell you what it has been spent on. I hope you will approve!

Back in March I ordered a new superlightweight wheelchair and it is terrific. Now obviously no need for a chair would be best, but if you are going to be stuck in one then this is the business. It is called the Argon Ti and the spec reads almost like a bicycle – Titanium frame, lightweight seat cushion and Spinergy wheels. But the price makes even top end bikes look like a bargain. So the money you cyclists collected has gone towards the Spinergy wheels – I hope you cyclists agree that you cannot have wheels that are too good. These are nice wheels and would not be out of place on the race bike.

I hope that by the time you read this I may have been able to get out to one of the Saturday Time Trials to see you all. If I do you will get to see the chair in the flesh but if I don’t make it this season then I will see you next year.

I am making steady progress. I am now back at work part time and have a car with hand controls so I am a bit more independent but it will be a long old haul before I am completely self-contained. This wheelchair business takes some getting used to I can tell you.

If any of you are down Bridport way and need a cup of tea please drop in and visit, it would be a real pleasure to see you.


20 Sept

In today's Port Talbot Whls 25 Shelly had yet another PB. This time she lowered her 25 time to 58:38. Another great ride saw Chris Jones come away with a Seasons best time of 54:28. Ian Locock was not so fortunate. Ian punctured 2 mile into his ride. Winner was Dave McCann who won the event in a new competition record of 45:54. Well Done.


19 Sept

A fine day for the final TT of the season greeted the 15 riders that signed on today. The winner came from an ex CC Weymouth rider, Ewan Tarrant. Ewan's time of 22:20 was his best ever on that course. 2nd place, and only 17 seconds behind, was Ian Cardy. Points leader Dean Critchel was 3rd, a further 10 seconds behind. In the vets competition Pete Tindley increased his lead over Stuart Carrington, and now has a 3 point lead going into the final event, the Portland hillclimb. Well done once again to young Oliver Carrington. Competing on his mountain bike Oliver finished in a time of 42:26. Full Result


18 Sept

Events this weekend include the final club TT before the hillclimb season starts. The 10 mile event starts at 14:30 on the P451. On Sunday Chris and Shelly will be joined by Ian Locock in the Port Talbot Whls 25. Best of luck to all riders.


17 Sept

One result missing from last weekend was that of Ian Cardy. Ian won the London Duathlon, billed as "the biggest duathlon in the world". Ian won the 9k run,20k bike,5k run event. Also competing at the event, but covering slightly shorter distances, was Ian's daughter Alyssia. Alyssia came 5th in the 3 to 5 year age group race and has now set her sights on beating her dad. Well done to both of you.


13 Sept

Well done to Julian Thacker who completed his Weyhill weekend with an impressive 56:06. This despite some tough conditions on the course. No news of the winner yet.


12 Sept

With most of the top riders racing elsewhere John Chapman took the opportunity to take 1st place in today's club 25. Pete Tindley had a great ride for 3rd Place overall and 1st place in the vets standard. Pete is now the sole leader in the vets competition. Full Result

In the Andover 10 Julian Thacker did 20:40 in the first part of the Weyhill Weekend. No news on the winner as yet.

In the a3crg Ian Locock was fastest of the club riders with 22:12 followed closely by Chris Jones with 22:28. Michelle Lindley was next in with 23:55 with Rose finishing in 30:47. Winner was Phill Sykes with 19:26.


11 Sept

This weekends events involving club riders are as follows.On Saturday we have the club 25 which is being run at short notice by the very kind Jonathon Williamson and Carolan. The a3crg 10, also on Saturday, will involve Rose and Ian Locock and they will be joined by Shelly. Riding the Weyhill Weekend, a 10 on the Saturday and 25 on the Sunday, will be Julian Thacker. Best of luck to those riders.


6 Sept

Results from this mornings 25 mile TT. Fastest club rider was Julian Thacker with 53:46 closely followed by Ian Cardy with 54:25. William Wilson was next in with 1:0:26 Then Michelle Lindley with 1:1:57. Final finisher for the club was Peter Tindley with 1:7:16. Winner was Julian Jenkinson,UTAG, with 51:42. Well Done everybody.


5 Sept

Quite a pleasant day for the last of this seasons circuit races. The win went to Ian Cardy in an impressive 52:20 from points leader Dean Critchel, who finished in 55:00. An equally impressive ride from Bryce Riglar, who is still only 16, of 1:0:38 for 4th place. Its was a first event for Oliver Carrington today who is only 13 years old, and will no doubt be giving his dad, stuart, a run for his money very soon. In the Vets competition Peter Tindley took the top points and has now moved equal first with Stuart Carrington. Full Result


4 Sept

6 riders from the club will be taking part in this weekends Poole Wheelers 25. Riders include Chris and Shelly, William Wilson, Ian Cardy, Peter Tindley and Julian Thacker. Best of luck to all the riders.


31 Aug


Julian Thacker broke the club 50 record today in the a3crg 50 mile TT. Julians time of 1:50:06 broke Ian Lococks time of 1:52:28, which has stood since 1982. Also in that event, Shelly continued her recent run of good form with 2:07:06, and a new PB for the distance. Ian Cardy also had a good ride finishing with 1:57:37. Winner was Steve Dennis with 1:40:50.

In the EDCA 14 William Wilson did 35:55 and Peter Tindley did 41:01. Winner was Simon Thomas with 31:53. Well Done to all the riders this weekend.


31 Aug

New cyclist coffee shop opens in wool.

I have received the following from the owner....My name is David Chalstrey and I am a keen road cyclist. Having recently moved my business to Wool I noticed that there were a lot of cyclists from all over Dorset passing through the village so it seemed to me that what it would be useful to have somewhere specifically for cyclists to stop and have a drink and a snack, especially on colder/wetter days.

The idea was thus conceived for what is now nicknamed the 'peloton cafe', or rather a room at Woolbridge Business Park by the level crossing in Wool (Wool end of East Burton Road , opp the garage and tyre place). We provide hot drinks and Kitkats, flapjacks, energy gels, mars bars etc (nothing cooked or prepared - very informal). We also have the space to invite your members to park and meet up leaving their cars if they wish or to stop on club rides. With winter coming we will commit to keeping the 'coffee stop' open throughout the colder months if it is well supported. So everything is above board we intend to run it as a 'clubhouse' and charge 50p for membership inluded in the first cup of coffee!

Our opening times will be 8am to 1pm on Sundays.

I would value your thoughts and if you could circulate the email and/or post it on your website then that would be even better.

With best wishes



29 Aug

A tough headwind return for the club 10 today had many of the riders struggling on the way to the finish. Julian Thacker made the best of the conditions to win by over 1 minute from Ian Cardy who was 2nd with 23:14. Peter Tindley, riding his new Cervelo, was pipped into 2nd place in the Vets race by Ian Locock by just 6 seconds. A couple of great rides by some younger riders today. 16 year old Bryce Riglar finish with 26:11 and a promising first time out for 14 year old Alexandra Williamson who finished a tough day with 49:01. Full Result


28 Aug

Races this bank holiday weekend begin with the first Saturday club event for a while. The 10 mile TT will be on the P415 and will begin at 14:30. On the Monday we have Peter Tindley and Will Wilson taking part in the EDCA 15 and at the same time the a3crg 50 will be going on. Taking part in that event will be Chris and Shelly along with Julian Thacker and Ian Cardy. Best of luck to all riders.


25 Aug

It was the weather everyone was hoping for in tonights 5 mile straight out TT. With a strong south westerly blowing down the course it was a good chance the course record would fall. So it proved as 7 riders produced 9 minute rides. The fastest on the night was Tim Wallis, SURC, with an impressive 9:26. Ian Cardy was the fastest club rider with 9:32 FullResult


24 Aug

Julian Thacker completed the Tour of Dorset today finishing the final stage in 25th place. A great result considering his rear gear cable snapped and he had to ride the race stuck in the 12 sprocket. Julian finished with a position of 12th overall and is now a 2nd cat rider. Well Done.


24 Aug

We have recieved the following from Weston Wheelers for anyone that may be interested in a ramp test.....I have been talking to John Hollier about another power-ramp test session as a follow-up to one we did a few months ago at Paul Baker's Cheddar Cycle Store (plug, plug). John is quite willing to bring along a couple of those whizzy turbo trainers (CycleOps PowerBeam) that can be programmed to do a ramp test (and gives you a data file when he gets it downloaded). We are proposing to take a village hall (possibly Biddisham) for an evening probably toward the end of the season to run tests for whoever wants. There will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of hiring the hall, which is quite inexpensive). If you are interested, please let me know soon....Anyone interested contact Ian Locock.


23 Aug

Results from the weekend see Shelly getting a fantastic result of 58:57 in the Hirwaun Wheelers 25. Also in that event Ian Locock did a great ride to record 55:27 and Chris Jones did 1:0:18. Winner was Michael Hutchinson with 46:01.


In the Poole Wheelers 10 Peter Tindley did 25:56. No news on the winner yet.

After 3 stages of the Tour of Dorset Julian Thacker lies in a good position after coming 7th in the prologue and 10th and 13th in the next 2 stages. The final stage is on Monday around the Bovington circuit.


21 Aug

Some important events this weekend, starting with the 4stage 3day event that is the Tour Of Dorset. Julian Thacker will be the clubs representative in this event. Julian will be hoping to get enough points to qualify for his 2nd Cat. licence in this event which boasts a top quality field. On Sunday Chris and Shelly will be joined by Ian Locock in the Hirwaun Wheelers 25 on the, potentially,very fast course over in Wales. Also on Sunday Peter Tindley will be taking part in the Poole Wheelers 10 on the very fast P415 course. Best of luck to all riders.


19 Aug

With a Quality field of 17 riders it was Ian Cardy who took the win in Tuesday nights club 10. Ewan Tarrant, just back from a 1000 mile ride across europe, took 2nd place. Dean Critchel the current points leader was 3rd. Full Result

Some results from the weekend. In the Weston Wheelers 10 on Saturday Rose came home with 30:16 and Ian did 22:24. This despite a tail back of traffic that caused a lot of interference with the race. Winner was T.Collier, Pendragon Kalas R.T., 20:20.

In the Antelope R.T. 10 on Sunday Julian Thacker was the fastest club rider with 20:48. Chris Jones did 21:41, Ian Locock did 22:00, Shelly got a great result with 23:35 and Peter Tindley got a SB with 25:48. Well Done to all the riders.

In the world of Duathlon Ian Cardy came 3rd in the TBAS Summer Duathlon (5k run, 21k bike, 3k run) with a time of 60:56 only 62 secs behind the winner. Well Done.


13 Aug

A lovely warm and sunny evening for the 2-up 10 mile TT saw last years winners, Joe and Kevin Holloway, High Wycombe CC, take another victory. Despite a 17sec late start the pair were 9secs ahead of the best placed CC Weymouth team of Chris and Shelly. Rose and Ian put in a brave ride but were suffering from too many miles at the weekend. Of the solo riders Stu Carrington got a PB of 28:14. Full Result

Lots of racing this weekend, beginning with Ian and Rose in the Weston Wheelers CC 10 on Saturday. On Sunday Chris and Shelly will be joined by Pete Tindley, Julian Thacker and Ian Locock in the Antelope RT 10.


2 Aug

The result from todays BJW 50 see's Julian Thacker get an excellent 5th place in a quality field. Julians time was 1:57:40. William Wilson and Peter Tindley also had good rides to finish in 2:13:43 and 2:29:26. Winner was Aran Stanton, VC St Raphael, with 1:51:52. Due to the bad weather on Saturday Ian and Rose decided not to travel the 150 miles to the Charlotteville CC 10 as it looked like being a non-starter.


31 July

Events for this weekend have Ian and Rose taking part in the Charlotteville CC 10 on Saturday. On Sunday Peter Tindley, William Wilson and Julian Thacker will be taking part in the BJW 50. Best of luck to all of them.


29 July

Quite a tough night on Tuesday for the club 10 with all riders having to endure either strong headwinds or nasty cross winds on the way around the course. It was left to Dean Critchel to make the best of the conditions and come home with just a 1 second advantage over 2nd placed rider Ian Cardy. Ian Locock was only a further 3 seconds back for 3rd place. Good to see Mrs Locock venturing out, obviously getting ready for a big event in the not too distant future. Full Result

Results from the weekend have Chris Jones recording 22:42 and Michelle Lindley doing 25:10 in the WCA 10. Winner was Alan Warburton, Leisure Lakes RT, with 20:29.


In the EDCA 10, William Wilson did a great ride to finish in 24:23. Winner was Paul Jones,BJW, with 21:23.

In the Moreton TLI last Thursday Julian Thacker got an excellent 5th place.


24 July

This Sunday Chris and Shelly will be taking part in the WCA 10 mile TT and William Wilson will be competing in the EDCA 10 mile TT. Best of luck to all 3 riders.


19 July

Results from the weekend have Ian Locock getting a fantastic 55:06 in the Cardiff 100 miles 25 mile TT. Winner was Stu Dodds in 51:27. In the Poole Wheelers 25 William Wilson continued his impressive form with 1:3:39 and Pete Tindley also had a good ride to finish in 1:11:46. No news on the winner as yet. In the Wessex road race Julian Thacker just missed out on a top 10 finish in what turned out to be a very tough race with a quality field. Well Done to all the riders this weekend.


17 July

Best of luck this weekend to Peter Tindley and William Wilson who will be taking part in the Poole Wheelers 25 on Sunday. Also to Julian Thacker who will be trying to claim enough points to get his 2nd cat license in the Wessex summer(HA HA) road race at Wareham.

Only 7 riders took to the start of Tuesday 25, maybe put off by the heavy rain which preceded the event a few hours earlier. It was left to points leader Dean Critchel to take the win in the only sub-hour ride of the night. Deans winning time of 59:22 was 1:20 ahead of 2nd placed rider Chris Jones. Stuart Carrington, in the absence of his arch-rival, Andrew Jackson, cruised around the course in 1:21:49 for 7th place and some vital points in the vets competition. Many thanks to Carolan for standing in as time keeper at short notice due to Shelly having to work late. Full Result

12 July

A couple of great results for club members today in the BJW 25. Julian Thacker was 2nd in 55:29 and William Wilson did a PB of 1:01. Well Done to both riders. Winner was Dave Pickering, BJW, with 54:43.


08 July

Carrying on his run of form, Ian Cardy won the club 10 last night in a very impressive time. Despite a very strong headwind on the 4 mile return leg to the glider school, Ian produced a time of 22:57 to beat 2nd place rider Ian Locock by 42 seconds. 3rd place went to Chris Jones who probably found that fixed was not ideal in the finishing straight. Once again thanks to Alan Critchel for timekeeping. Alan was helped out this week by son, and points competition leader Dean. Full Result

A late result from the LVIS 10 on Saturday saw Julian Thacker do a time of 21:10 and Ian Locock do 22:21 in very tough conditions. No news on the winner as yet.


01 July


Ian Cardy took the course record for the hilly 18 to a new level on Tuesday night. After his recent PB at 25 miles, Ian continued his good form to finish 1:33 ahead of the previous holder of the record, Julian Thacker, to finish in 44:22. His time lowered the record by 1:02. 3rd place went to Dean Critchel who gained some valuable points to keep ahead of Julian in the points competition. Deans time was only 1 second slower than Julian, who was probably feeling the effects of his own PB for 25 mile from the previous night. Many thanks to Alan Critchel for his time keeping efforts and making sure the race ran smoothly .Full Result

Some more results from the weekend have come to my attention. Peter Tindley took part in the Wessex RC 50 on Sunday and finished the tough course in 2:26:05. Winner was Paul Jones, BJW, with 1:50:10.


On Monday night Ian Locock and Julian Thacker went to tackle the A3crg 25 with the hope of some fast times. They were not(too) disappointed. Julian finished with 53:01 for a PB and Ian equaled his seasons best with 55:43. Winner was Steve Walking, Velocity Bikes CC, with 49:24.

28 June


Ian Cardy was at the Sotonia CC 25 on Saturday were he produced a fantastic PB of 53:53. Ian's time was good enough for 11th place in a quality field were he took some very good scalps. Winner was Phill Sykes, VC St Raphael, with 50:24.


On Monday night at the A3crg 25, Julian Thacker and Ian Locock will be hoping to equal what Ian Cardy did, or even better it. Best of luck.

25 June

Due to road works on the course for Tuesdays 10, it was decided to run the event from Wool and do the course in reverse. This meant the course was slightly shorter than expected but it did not stop some great times from being produced. A tie for 1st place saw Ian Cardy and Chris Jones finish with 18:08. Dean Critchel was 3rd in 18:32. Full Result

The only result available from the weekend is from the CC Weymouth open. Winner was Dave Pickering, BJW, who won the event in 57:32, a new course record. Ian Cardy did an excellent ride for joint 2nd place with 59:11, and William Wilson also had a great ride to finish in 1:03:22 for 6th place. A big thank you to all the helpers who came along on Sunday to lend a hand and make the event a big success.


19 June

This weekends race's begin with Chris and Shelly taking part in a 25 mile TT on the Fast R25/7 course over the border in Wales. On Sunday we have the CC Weymouth open 25 where William Wilson and Ian Cardy will be representing the club. Thanks in advance to all the helpers which include Carolan, Jules, Paddy Dunn(yes really) all the Preston family, Jeremy and Ian Lummes.....Your names down so you gotta turn up now. Anybody else who finds they cannot lie-in on Sunday morning feel free to pop over to to the Winfrith Newburgh village hall for around 7 o'clock(In the morning.) Hot footing from his role as pusher off in the open 25, Julian Thacker will be joined by Dean Critchel and Duncan Towner for the Nick Bateson Memorial road race based around the hilly circuit of Wool/Lulworth. Best of luck to all our riders this weekend.


17 June

On what turned out to be an excellent evening for the club 25, Ian Hobley, VOTWO, narrowly took the win from Julian Thacker by 3 seconds. Ian's Time was 57:40 for a new course record. Dean Critchel continues to ride well and did 59:19 for 3rd place. Ian Locock missed out on a chance to show what good form he is in when he suffered a puncture during the race. The tanden pairing of Dick and Charlie Samouelle took over 5 minutes from their previous best on the course.Full Result


14 June

Results from the weekend. In the Dursley 25 Chris Jones was fastest CC Weymouth rider with 55:11. Close behind was Ian Locock with 55:43. Shelly, recovering from her recent illness did well to get 1:2:36. On a good night that the locals reckon was faster last week the winner was Jeff Jones, Chippenham & Dist, with 50:49.

In the BJW 10 this morning Julian Thacker was 4th in 22:14. Chris Jones did 22:49 and Shelly did 25:50.William Wilson also had a good ride to finish in 24:10. A tie for 1st place saw Max Baldock and Dave Pickering win with 21:43. Well done to all.


12 June

This weekend Chris and Shelly will be joined by Ian Locock in the Dursley R.C. 25 on Saturday, while on Sunday, Chris will be joining Julian Thacker in BJW's 10 mile timetrial. Best of luck to everyone.


9 June

We had a new route tonight. The P459 was off limits due to gas works a few hundred yards east of the Wool roundabout. Rather than cancel the event the timekeeper, Ian Cardy, decided to use some of the 27k/Circuit TT route. Not sure of exact distance, but somewhere close to 10 miles. Nice to see the tandem pair out again, with young Charlie putting in a big effort to push his dad around this testing course. Winner was Julian Thacker from Dean Critchel. Full Result


7 June

Congratulations to Julian Thacker on his excellent 3rd place in CC Weymouth's road race today. The result leaves Julian needing just 2 points to gain his 2nd Cat licence. Many thanks to all the people that helped out with today's road race. It was the usual faces, but there could not have been a race without you.

6 June

Not the weather that the club riders were hoping for at todays Crabwood CC event. Results are as follows. Julian Thacker 22:00, Ian Cardy 22:48, Chris Jones 22:59, Ian Locock 23:10 and Peter Tindley 28:13. Shelly was a DNS due to sickness. Winner was Julian Jenkinson, UTAG Yamaha, 20:42(we think!) Well done to all.


5 June

2 big races this weekend. On Saturday Chris and Shelly will be joined by Julian Thacker,Ian Cardy, Ian Locock and Peter Tindley in the Crabwood 10 on the Andover course. All riders will be hoping for favorable weather and hopefully lots of PB's.

On Sunday we have the Weymouth road race, kindly sponsored by Portland Port and run by Paddy Dunn. Paddy is still looking for help with the race so if you are free get over to the D'Uberville hall in Wool by 0930.

Some more results from last weekend. In the BACC 25 William Wilson did 1:3:02. Winner was William Brown, Barloworld,55:09. In the Ogmore Valley Wheelers event Chris Jones did 55:44 and Shelly did 1:1:42. Winner was Michael Hutchinson with 46:29.


3 June

The result of Tuesdays hilly was very close, possibly the closest ever, with Julian Thacker just edging Ian Cardy by 4 seconds. The course record survived, but only just, by 7 seconds.Some good rides done elsewhere in the field, but Shelly and Chris reported being tired. Gordon Scott was unlucky to puncture a new tub and got a lift back with Alan Critchel. Mention must be made of Alex Hopson who got into a speed wobble trying to descend from Giants Head on the tri-bars and came off. Irrespective he sorted himself out and got back on to finish with 54:20.Full Result

I have not received all the results from last weekend yet but in the TVS Sherbourne 10 Ian Locock got 22:54 and 1st place in the 50-59 age group. Winner was Phill Sykes, VC St Raphael, with 20:27.

In the Sotonia 10 Dave Arrowsmith did 25:04 and Pete Tindley did 26:23. Winner was Stephen Berry, San Fairy Ann, with 21:50.


29 May

Lots of racing this weekend. Ian Locock will be tackling the TVS Sherbourne 10, Pete Tindley and Dave Arrowsmith will be doing the Sotonia 10, William Wilson will be riding a bit further when he does the Bournemouth Arrow 25 and Chris and Shelly will be covering the same distance, but this time in the Ogmore Valley Wheelers 25. Best of Luck to all of them.

Julian Thacker got 5th place in Thursdays TLI over at Moreton. He was joined by a few other riders from the club including Ian Cardy and Paul Goodison.


28 May

A tough night for Tuesdays 10 but it did not stop Julian Thacker taking a convincing win. Dean Critchel just managed to beat Ian Locock by 2 seconds for 2nd and 3rd respectfully. Unluckiest rider of the night must be Tomos Cato who punctured between the signing on and the start line and had a DNS.Full Result


25 May

The latest results round up has Julian Thacker taking 5th place in last weeks TLI race. Winner was Stu Bowers of Scott UK.

In the Welsh Championship 25 Chris Jones, riding his 100 inch fixed, powered his way to an impressive 55:51. Shelly, despite a detour, did a great ride of 1:2:08. Winner was Scott Povey, Warwickshire RC, with 50:47.

The result of the weekend must go to Ian Cardy. Ian came 2nd in his duathlon in Hungary, where he was representing Great Britain in the 35 to 39 age group. Ian's time of 1:53:58 was only slightly slower than the winning time of Lee Piercy, another Brit, with 1:52:48. To put Ian's result in context, the winning time for the elite race was 1:50:47 with the top Brit only managing 1:57:52. Fantastic result Ian and well done to all athletes who competed this week.


22 May

A definite international feel to this weekends racing. Ian Cardy will be jetting off to Budapest to represent Great Britain in a Duathlon. Also Traveling abroad will be Chris and Shelly, both of whom are competing in the Welsh 25 Championship. Best of luck to all of you.


20 May

Gearing up for his international debut this weekend, Ian Cardy made easy work of the very strong headwind on the return leg, between Wool and Warmwell roundabouts, to finish Tuesday evenings 25m TT in a super time of 58:22. Julian Thacker was the closest to Ian with another great ride of 59:01. Dean Critchel was the only other rider under the hour, with 59:51 for 3rd place. Day members Dick Samouelle and his 9yr old son Charlie, riding tandem, did an impressive ride in tough conditions to finish with 1:15:01.Full Result


7 May

Lots of results to report on from the week beginning with an excellent result from Julian Thacker. Julian was 4th in the prologue of the Tour of the Milbury's and followed that up with 11th place in the 110k road stage. With those great results Julian was 5th overall. Winner was Richard Prebble.


A cold wet and miserable morning for those taking part in the 30 mile BJW TT this morning. Chris Jones finished in 1:17:44 and Shelly 1:22:13. Winner was Julian Jenkinson, UTAG Yamaha, with 1:06:21.

Last Wednesday Ian Cardy, doing his 6th race in 8 days, came 7th from 450 runners in the Purbeck 10k running race. Ian's time was 33:46.

Last Sunday Paul Stockley was 20th in the main race of the Wareham forest MTB event.

In last Thursdays Morton TLI event Dean Critchel was 4th, Richard Hamilton was 5th, Paul Goodison 6th and Alex Hopson 8th. Winner was Steve Groome, BJW.


15 May

On Saturday Julian Thacker will be taking part in the Roy Ludford Memorial Tour of the Milbury's road race. The event consists of a 6k TT and a 110k road stage.

On Sunday Chris and Shelly will be joined by David Arrowsmith in the BJW 20 mile TT. Best of luck to those riders.


14 May

Duncan Towner has kindly volunteered to take on the duty of newsletter editor. He will be assisted in this task with the help of Stuart Carrington. Duncan and Stuart will be starting work on the next newsletter very soon.


13 May

Not a bad night for the club 10 on Tuesday with the expected rain keeping its distance. A win for Julian Thacker, trialling another new position on the lo-pro, with 22:27. Second place went to last weeks winner, Ian Cardy, with 22:46. A tie for third saw Ian Locock and Dean Critchel finish with a time of 23:10. Good to see Paul Goodison back after his holidays in France where he just happened to pick up yet another gold medal. Well Done.Full Result


12 May

Not happy just doing a bike ride at the weekend Ian Cardy went along to the track, Not the velodrome, but the running track. Ian took part in the County Championships and here is his report.....I won both the 5000m and 3000m steeplechase in County Champs this weekend. Not much competition, times were slow for me, and very rusty (last time I ran on a track was exactly 6 years ago, I had dust on my spikes and my hurdling was poor) but good training nonetheless. Oh, and lesson learnt – do not wear calf guards in steeplechase as after the water jump they get bloody heavy!!


Stuart Carrington took part in a MTB race at the weekend. Here is Stuarts report....After many years of doing marathon MTB events (nobody notices how slow you are going in a 24 hour race) I took the plunge this weekend and entered my first proper race - the "Fun" category of the Dorset Roughriders mountain bike race in Wareham Forest. I had no idea what to expect - except that it was twice round a 5 mile-ish course and it was meant to be fun. When I got to the start there were 40 odd riders lined up and a quick look around identified 3 or 4 who might be slower than me, so I set myself the challenging target of coming 35th.

The horn goes off and everyone sprints up the fire road intent on getting to the singletrack first. Despite taking a corner too wide I was actually doing very well as the narrow stuff beckoned and took a rather agressive line through a small bush to squeeze my way into 6th. Someone then tried to take a shortcut through me but their elbow lacked enough weight behind it to have any real effect.

Every gear change worked well, I thought ahead, I accelerated at every opportunity and whenever a bit of fire road appeared I put the bike in its biggest gear and pretended I was timetrialling. Half way round the first lap and I was still 6th - and then came a couple of hills.

Now these hills were nothing big; but my eating disorder has an ongoing disagreement with gravity when it comes to hills and I found that I dropped back below midfield by the end of the first lap. Well, by now the adrenaline was really flowing and I got a little annoyed; the same red mist that makes me accelerate every time one of you guys overtakes me on a 10.

Second time round I threw caution to the wind and just went for it. If riders were in front of me they were to be overtaken. I took agressive lines, I got airborne twice and every time I found a bit of less technical trail I just hammered it. I think I even recognised a club member among the spectators; sorry, but by then I could barely see and there was no breath spare to shout hello.

By the end I think I had managed to get myself up to 18th but final results aren't out yet. I do know that I really enjoyed myself and have an urge to race again. Now if only I could find a way to ride up hills....

Oh yes; and my daughter, Charlotte (10), came second in the 8-12 girls race.


10 May

The weekend results from the Farnham 10 have Chris Jones doing 22:34 to narrowly beat Ian Locock, who did 22:45. Shelly did 24:29. No news on the winner as yet.

In the Barnsfield Heath road race Julian Thacker was just outside the top 10 in a field of over 60 riders. Well done to all the riders.


8 May

This weekend we have the Farnham 10 on Saturday. Taking part will be Chris and Shelly and they will be joined by Ian Locock. If road racing is your thing why not join Julian Thacker in the Barnfield Heath road race. This is also an event on Saturday. If you fancy a more leisurely ride then why not meet up with Julian and John Chapman on Sunday morning. They should be passing Warmwell Rbt around 9:20.


7 May

Fresh from his win in the club 10 on Tuesday, Ian Cardy then went over to Castle Coombe for one of those Duathlon thingy's. Here is Ian's report......Last night was the first in a series of five sprint duathlon's during the summer at Castle Coombe; Bath Amphibians Midsummer Midweek Duathlon Series. Up against the usual suspects (the world of duathlon may not be small but it is intimate!), I was under strict instructions; take the first run easy, push the bike, do usual strong second run. Did as told! Held back on the run and entered T1 down in 4th / 5th place. Swift T1, good bike despite brutal wind (it is always windy in that part of the world, entered T2 in 2nd place. The 1st place duathlete, a guy by the name of Lee Piercy who you may read about often on JBST, 220, etc.., was in sight. Always in sight. He’s pretty quick. Well seriously bloody quick – especially on the bike (19 minute for a ‘10). But he remained just out of reach. Whilst I did my usual solid second run, despite an awful stomach ache, I could not quite reach him. Even so, 2nd place isn't a bad evening’s work and a PB to boot. I’m finding the world of triathlon / duathlon is odd. Multi-sport athletes are, well, quirky. Last night, this extended to the prizes. A bottle of wine and a bag of muesli. Not complaining – I like both. Maybe not at the same time, but there’s a first time for everything. But it did leave me with a wry smile. Muesli. I don't know...


6 May

It would seem that Ian Cardy was right when he said the bike he had was not fast enough. Sporting a new Specialised Transition Ian beat the 2nd placed rider by 1:11 to win Tuesday nights 10 miles TT. Ian's winning time of 22:08 pushed Julian Thacker into 2nd spot with 23:19. 3rd place on the night went to current points leader Dean Critchel with 23:24.Full Result

4 Apr

Just to let club members know that Paul Gould left hospital about several weeks ago and is now back at work. He is getting used to life outside the hospital now and would be happy for people to pay him a visit. However, if you are planning on visiting Paul, could you please phone before hand to let him know your intentions.


29 Apr

A close finish in the first Hilly 18 of the season saw Julian Thacker just beat Dean Critchel by 8 secs. Julians time was 46:24, to Deans 46:32. 3rd place went to LVIS rider Andrew Boyd with 49:06. A great ride from John Wickham saw a time of 50:33 with Shelly next to finish with 53:30. Andrew Preston, trying out his new stead, did 57:40 for 8th place. Tomos Cato will have to invest in a satnav for his next ride out the course. Tomo managed to get lost, even though he had been directed correctly at the turn. Full Result


27 Apr

News and results from the weekend. Firstly a big thank you to all the people that helped out with the running of the club open 10 on Saturday. You all contributed to a very successful event. Results for our own riders in this event are Julian Thacker in 4th place with 22:30, Ian Cardy 8th with 23:18 and William Wilson 15th with 24:49. Aran Stanton, VC St Raphael, was the winner with a very impressive 21:05.

Results from Sunday have Julian Thacker completing the B&DWCA 25 in 57:03. Joining Julian in the event was John Chapman who did 1:00:46. Winner was Steve Walkling, Velocity bikes CC, with 54:26. In the Abertillery & Distr Wheelers CC 25 Chris Jones did 57:50 and Shelly did 1:3:22 for 2nd place lady. Winner was Scott Povey with 51:48.

Paul Stockley took part in the South XC mountain bike race on Sunday. Paul finished in the main pack in this the first round of the series in Bordon, Hampshire. Well Done Stocko!

Even though we are a cycling club it does not stop members from straying into other sports and on Sunday Rosemary Locock ran the London Marathon, again, and produced a big PB. The time for Rose was 5:25:55. Winner of the ladies event was Irena Mikitenko, 2:22:11. An excellent weekend of sport for our club athletes and well done to everyone that took part and helped out with events.


24 Apr

This weekend we have the first of the CC Weymouth promoted Timetrials. The 10 mile event will have several club riders taking part, including the elusive Paddy Dunn. Thanks to all the people who have volunteered to help with the event, and if anybody else would like to lend a hand, the event HQ is the village hall in Broadmayne. Helpers to arrive about 13:00.

On Sunday Julian Thacker and John Chapman will be taking part in the B&DWCA 25 on the Poole course. Also on Sunday, Chris and Shelly will be riding the Abertillery & Distr Wheelers CC 25.

Also best of Luck to Ian and Rose who will be sprinting around the London marathon early on Sunday morning.

Good luck to all our athletes this weekend.


22 Apr

A good turnout for Tuesday nights 10, with 20 riders signing on for what seemed to be a very pleasant evening. Although there was no tough bits on the course, there was not much help either. This did not stop Dean Critchel from extending his lead in the points competition with a convincing win in 23:16. Julian Thacker was 2nd with 23:41, closely followed by soon to be Great Britain Duathlete, Ian Cardy in 23:56. Full Result

As reported in the previous item Ian Cardy has been selected to represent Great Britain, here is his report.....Following on from a thirteenth place (fifth in Age Group) in the Big Cow National Championship Duathlon and third place (second in Age Group) at the Steyning Duathlon (only my first and second Olympic distance duathlons
period), I have been selected to represent Great Britain in my Age Group
(35-39) at the European Duathlon Championships in Budapest on the 24th of May and at the World Duathlon Championships in Concord, USA on the 26th September.
Being my first season in duathlon, I was just hoping to do well, but being selected for Great Britain (albeit that I have to fund the trips, entry fees and even kit out of my own pocket) is a good first step. Whilst it is only Age Group level, it'll be excellent experience to work on with the longer term aim to be competitive at Elite Level (i.e. Olympic performance level)... Best of luck to Ian with those events.

Results from the weekend have Ian Locock doing 24:26 and Pete Tindley doing 28:13 in the Yeovil 10 on Saturday. Winner was Greg Sandy in 20:41. In the EDCA 27k on Sunday William wilson did 47:42, despite a 40 second late start. Over in sunny Wales Chris and Shelly were doing a weekend double. On the Saturday, a 10 mile TT, Chris did 22:47 and Shelly 25:57. No news on the winner yet. On the Sunday the duo did a 25 mile TT. Chris did 57:09 and Shelly did 1:02:34. Winner was Dave Barns with 50:30. Well done to everyone that rode at the weekend.


16 Apr

Peter Tindley will be joined by Ian Locock in the Yeovil 10 on Saturday. While William Wilson will be taking part in the EDCA 27k on Sunday. Best of luck to all 3 riders.


15 Apr

Not the best night for the first running of this season's club 5, but at least we had a race. Despite the wind not blowing in its usual direction for a fast 5 it did not stop Chris Jones putting in a great ride to take the win from Julian Thacker. 3rd place went to Sam Edwards. A big thanks to our time keepers tonight, Andrew Jackson (who also rode), Carolan and Stuart Carrington who also offered to time keep. Without them the event would not have run. Also thank you to Mark Moss’s father who pushed people on their way. A successful event that is not to be underestimated by the short distance.Full Result

Well done to Julian Thacker on winning the Poole Wheelers 30 mile timetrial on Bank holiday Monday. Julian's winning time of 1:07:26 was a PB and a new club record for the distance.

Well Done to Ian Cardy on his latest exploits in the Duathlon world. Here is his report on Mondays event....Raced at Steyning on Monday. Advertised as a 7k run (7 laps of town centre), 35k cycle, 5k run (5 laps of town centre). Shot out at the start like the usual bullet I am, remembered to save myself for the cycle this time(!), and hit transition in sixth place, had slick transition and left it in fifth place, rode like a demon for the first 5k and got fourth place before a major accident with two motorcycles on the cycle route (nothing to do with the event, but sad nonetheless) blocked the road ahead and stopped the race. We all trundled back to the town centre whilst the organisers decided what to do. Canceling the event was not an option; the event is one of the European Championship qualifiers. So a new cycle route was devised, and off we shot again. With me leading (not sure how that happened – but being the first on the road through the town centre and the ‘wall of sound’ from those cheering us on was inspirational) and all the others following at fifteen second intervals...A much better cycle than when I rode at Milton Keynes (the course suited me – much like our 25 mile course, and having the ride on Saturday obviously worked for me) saw me enter the second run in third place overall. A rapid five laps of the town centre in what was, by now, a hot afternoon, saw me post the second fastest ‘Run 2’ time (again) and come home third overall in 1:30:34, second in Age Group and very tired!! All three podium places were taken by Dorset men; James Gilifillan was first (in 1:25:47), Lee Piercy was second (in 1:26:21).Next? National 12 Stage for Kent on Saturday, Cambridge Duathlon on Sunday. No rest for the wicked...


11 Apr

Although it looked like great conditions for today's club 25, the first of the season, it was a lot more difficult than the riders were expecting. With a fairly strong south westerly making the drag up to Warmwell cross tough going it was left up to in-form rider, Dean Critchel, to win the event and extend his lead in the points competition. Dean completed the course in 59:01, his first sub hour ride i believe, and took the win by the slender margin of 4 seconds from Julian Thacker. Third place went to Ian Cardy, who was using the event as a warm up for his Duathlon on Monday. It was good to see some new members turn up today and hopefully they will continue to support the events throughout the remainder of the season.Full Result

The results of the West Wales cyclist 10 have Shelly as the first lady in 25:20 and Chris showing he is moving in the right direction with an improving ride of 22:20. Well Done to both of you.


10 Apr

Chris and Shelly will be taking part in the West Wales cyclist league 10 on Saturday. Best of luck to both of them.

This weekend we have the first club 25 of the season. A reminder to those riders who will be attending that the parking and HQ will be on the Gatemore Road, thats the road opposite the Red Lion Pub. Please do not park in the Red Lion car park

Well Done to Paul Stockley who took part in the Poole Wheelers club 10 on Wednesday evening. Paul completed the 10 mile time trial in 24:46. Winner was Max Baldock with 21:32.


6 Apr

Ian Cardy took part in the National Duathlon Championships at the week end with an excellent result. Ian came 5th in his age Group and 13th overall. It was his first Olympic Distance event which comprises of a 10k run, 40k cycle, 5k run. The cycle was a bit lumpy but he had the 5th fastest Run on the 10k loop and the 2nd fastest on the 5k loop. Ian is now waiting to find out if he has been selected to represent GB in the World and European Championships. Watch this space....


Also at the weekend Andrew Preston and Julian Foster did the 200K Dorset Coast Audax. They were joined by Pete Tindley who sensibly opted for the 100k route. They both seem a long way to me. Well done.


5 Apr

Results from the weekend have Chris Jones doing a super 22:17 on fixed, while Shelly produced a great ride with 23:54. Unfortunately Ian Locock punctured on the way to the start. Winner of this event, the Diamond HF 10, was Steve Golla with 19:54.

In the EDCA 24(slightly shorter due to roadworks) John Chapman did 58:34, William Wilson did 1:02:28 and Paul Stockley, in his first open for some years, did 1:03:40. Winner was Paul Jones,BJW, with a fantastic 50:49. Well done to all the club riders who raced this weekend.


4 Apr


Having missed the first few club time trials of the season, Julian Thacker returned today for what turned out be his first win of the season. Julian was closely followed by the very much in-form Dean Critchel, who extended his lead in point competition. A warm sunny day brought 18 riders to the start line, with Olympic gold medallist Paul Goodison amongst them. Although the riders were buffeted by a gusting wind at the start of the race it made the final 4 mile finishing straight a bit easier than it normally is. Many thanks to William Wilson for his excellent marshalling skills at the Worgret Manor turn.Full Result


3 Apr

A busy weekend of racing starts with the club 10 on the revised course. Later on that day Chris and Shelly will be joined by Ian Locock in the Diamond HF 10. On Sunday Paul Stockley, William Wilson and John Chapman will be taking part in the EDCA 24.

A bit late this one but here is a report on last Saturdays 10 from Andrew Preston....Apologies for the delay in getting the result of saturday’s TT online. The weather was much better than last year, but a pretty spectacular hail storm 10 minutes before the off persuaded Ian Locock to pack up and forgo two laps of slippery lanes... 9 riders, including several newcomers set off. Fran Bungay unfortunately punctured on lap 1 but continued after a roadside repair. William Wilson suffering from a previous turbo session climbed off after one lap, and Dean Critchel won in a blistering 56:32, with very consistant lap times.


31 March

Duncan Towner rode the Pittards Road Race on Sunday and her is a snippet of his race report....First Road race experience.
My inaugural race, and also the 1st outing for my new Cannondale!
I set out early Sunday morning with many hopes and aspirations of a good group finish or maybe even a break away like Fabian Cancellara at Milan San Remo. Alas this was just a 4th Cat Dream. Upon entering the car park I realized these people mean business, I thought warming up on a turbo or rollers was just for he pros..wow, I was impressed with the dedication.
Upon starting my race, I had to get used to the etiquette of pointing out pot holes and on coming vehicles, riding in the bunch was quite an experience, although I seemed to hit every pot hole (mental note to self, keep away from the kerbside) After the neutralised section the race was in full swing and we were powering along at what I think was 25+ mph, and I was happy at this speed. But then we hit a hill and the paced didn’t slow, and I wasn’t going to be able to sustain the speed, so I stayed back with a few riders and then left them shortly after to power along on my own chasing the group who had long gone. So for the next 3 laps I was all on my own hoping I wouldn’t be lapped or I may, which I didn’t ,catch the group. At the end I’m sad to say I actually flew round the last corner for a sprint and the finish had actually been packed away! But I thoroughly enjoyed it, distance not a problem speed I think was.
All I can say is bring on the next race, Barnsfield here I come! Winner of the race was Peter Johnston, Team Tor 2000.



Not content with his great ride on Saturday Julian Thacker signed on for the Fareham Wheelers inaugural road race, over a distance of 46 mile. Although 1 rider managed to sneak away Julian easily won the sprint for 2nd place. A fantastic result. Well Done.

Results from yesterdays very windy Sotonia CC 10 mile time trial at Andover have Julian Thacker finishing with a great time, for the conditions, of 21:55. John Chapman did 23:19. Winner was Richard Simmons, London Dynamo, with 20:25.


27 Mar

This weekend is the first of 2 chances this season to sample the delights of the club circuit race. The event star at 14:30 but make sure your early to avoid the rush. Your hosts this weekend will be the dynamic duo that are Andrew and Todd Preston.

Further afield, Julian Thacker and John Chapman will be taking part in the Sotonia CC 10 mile time trial in Andover, weather permitting.


22 Mar

Results from todays BJW Hilly 42k have Julian Thacker leading the team home with a fantastic 1:03:06. Next CCWeymouth ride home was John Chapman in 1:10:11. William Wilson, enjoying his 2nd hilly event of the season, was next in with 1:14:34. Winner was Paul Jones, BJW, with 1:00:13. Well Done.


21 Mar

Rarely can the first event of the club season have been run off in such good weather. As the mercury reached 15 deg C, 18 riders signed on for the 10 at Gallows Hill, although some others missed the course change due to roadworks. It was not the peach of a day that it looked and at no time did the wind appear to be assisting. In fact the drag back up from Worgret into the wind was hard for all but the super fit.

There was a liberal sprinkling of local club riders taking part and from their ranks came the winner, Max Baldock and second placed Leighton Girling. Chris Jones led the CCW contingent in third, but was pushed very hard by the superb ride from Dean Critchel. Sam Edwards put in a good first time of the season that bodes well for the future and Stuart Carrington has started his season where he left off last year and is looking good for substantially quicker times this season.

Peter Tindley was happy to be racing, as he is still recovering from his accident prior to Christmas and was pleasantly surprised by his result. He reckons it will take all season to fully recover, but on today's showing he is going to be hard to beat in the Vets Standard championship again. Full Result


20 Mar

3 riders from the club will be taking part in the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers hilly 42k on Sunday. Julian Thacker, William Wilson and John Chapman will be hoping for better weather than last years event.

Well done to Ian Cardy who won the Bowleaze Loop running race last weekend. Ian was an easy winner, coming in over 3 minutes ahead of the 2nd place runner.


14 Mar

Well done to William Wilson for his efforts in today's Gillingham & Dist. Hilly TT. It was William's first open event and he did an excellent time of 56:01, this despite losing time due to a mechanical with his chain. Winner was Dave Kiddell, Cavalier CC with 44:25.


8 Mar

Julian Thacker was the club's sole representative in yesterday's Barnsfield Heath road race. Despite a very strong field, containing many 1st Cat riders, Julian still managed a top 20 place. Well Done.


4 Mar

Well done to Ian Cardy on his excellent result in Sundays DB Max Chilly Duathlon. Ian came 3rd in the event, less than 2 minutes behind the winner, and also picked up his first trophy of the season.


1 Mar

2 Riders from the club took part in Poole Wheelers hilly TT today. Julian Thacker was the faster of the 2 coming 3rd with 44:17. John Chapman was 6th in 47:07. Winner was Gary Tuskin in 42:56.


22 Feb

Julian Thacker again took part in the Barnfield Heath road race on Saturday. Having had a great ride last time out, he was a marked man this time. Having been chased down a number a number of times Julian had to settle for a top 20 place this time around. Well Done.

Ian Cardy has been competing in a number of events over the last few weeks. Having decided it was too cold in England recently he decided to head over to Lanzarote for some warm weather training. Whilst he was there he took part in a Duathlon, and despite not having the correct equipment, he still managed 2nd place. Ian has also been doing a few Cross Country races. In the County Championships Ian claimed 2nd place. In the Southern Championships he got 68th from 669 runners and in the National Championships Ian came 160th from a very large field of 1455 runners. Well Done.

It was the first TT of the season for many riders this morning. 7 Riders from the club took part in Poole Wheelers 27k event over at Bovington. With a field of 33 riders it was Ian Cardy who was the fastest club rider with 40:30, despite his Cross Country the day before. Also suffering with tired legs, this time from a road race, Julian Thacker was next in for the club with 41:49 closely followed by Chris Jones with 41:51. John Chapman got 42:44 and William Wilson came in with 44:48. Michelle Lindley showed some early season form with an excellent 45:36 and Andrew Preston was next in with 49:17. Max Baldock was the winner with 37:50.Well Done all.


19 Feb

Well done to Julian Thacker on his excellent 5th place in the first of the Barnsfield Heath road races. Julian will be taking part in the 2nd event of the series on Saturday 21st. Best of luck.