2008 club news archive


29 Dec

Boxing day 10 results are in and we have Chris and Shelly winning the tandem event in a time of 25:22. Well Done. Not so fortunate was Ian Locock who punctured with only 2 miles to go. Ian reports that the weather was 3deg c that felt a lot colder with an icy easterly wind. Winner was Aran Stanton, VC Raphael, with 22:40.

22 Dec

There will be plenty of club rides going on over the festive period. Any updates will be via the club forum. If you have any plans or would like to arrange a ride please feel free to use the service.

The Chairman and the rest of the committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all the members of the club, both first and second claim, a merry Christmas.

15 Dec

It has come to my attention that Peter Tindley was injured on Sunday whilst out cycling. Thanks to Janet for this report. "I had a long walk today and then went back to top of town, Dorchester, to see our group come in from their ride from Kings Stag. It was then I learned that Peter Tindley had been hit by a van. Dave Jeffreys was in front of him (near Glanvilles Wootton) and he avoided the van which was in the middle of the road round a bend, and fell in the ditch (virtually unhurt). Peter saw the van too late and ended up on the bonnet and then on the ground. Peter had a lot of pain in his shoulder (the one he usually dislocates - the right one) and his left leg. After X-rays and pills for pain they announced his leg was not broken (but what damage he has done to it is uncertain) but he had broken his shoulder blade. No wonder he was in so much pain. After 3 attempts at trying to get him up and on his feet in Accident & Emergency they gave up as he passed out each time. They were going to send him home but fortunately relented and he is in the Short Stay ward for the night at least, but when he will come out who knows. He has a small cut on the head which bled a bit but he said he was conscious all the time and during the accident." I am sure you will all join me in wishing Peter a speedy recovery.

Further update on Peter is that he is still in DCH (Monday night), but hopes to be out tomorrow. He has a broken rib and low blood pressure to add to the injuries above, but has not passed out today. His leg is painful and swollen, which gives him some difficulty in standing.



The next club night is on 16 December and will be a bring and buy night to try and raise some funds for the spinal unit in Salisbury hospital. The remainder of the club nights are on the following dates. 20 January, 17 February and 17 March. All will be held in the Menzies Room at Upwey Memorial Hall at 7pm. Please make every effort to attend this year, you have plenty of notice, and let any committee member know what you would like to see in the way of themes for the evenings.

21 Nov

I have just received news from the South District Council of the results of 2 season long competitions run by them. In the "BEST ALL-ROUNDER" competition the ladies event was won by Michelle Lindley who also came 5th in the points competition. In the men's"BEST ALL-ROUNDER" Julian Thacker topped a great season by getting 5th place and John Chapman managed to sneak in with 10th spot. Well Done to all of you.

14 Nov

Congratulations to Chris And Shelly on their excellent result in the Coastal Trail Quest race last weekend. The dynamic duo managed 3rd place in what was a very tough 3hr race.Well Done.

26 Oct

The results from this mornings hill climb on Whiteways, the final event of the series, has Reuben winning the competition overall. His 3rd place, in a time of 9:14:20, was enough for a comfortable win over 2nd place. A rare appearance from Dean Critchell showed he has not lost any of his climbing ability. Dean was 2nd on the day with 9:10:80. John Chapman was 10th with 9:53:81 and the winner was Will O'Callaghan, BJW, with a great time of 8:10:80.


22 Oct

A bit late with the results from the weekend due to a technical problem, but here goes. In the inter-club hillclimb over at Kingston, Reuben maintained his lead in the competition with an excellent 5th place. Julian came 14th despite snapping a cleat half way up and Chippers came 18th. The team has slipped from 1st to 3rd but this is due to the lack of club riders turning out. Every rider gets at least 1 point. This Sunday is the last event so if you are in the area of Whiteways on Sunday please make the effort to ride.

Chris Jones did his 1st Duathlon at the weekend and in true chris style he did not make it easy for himself. He forgot his running shoes so had to wear sandals. He forgot to take a drink for the 2x 5k runs and a 30k bike ride,and he did an extra lap of the bike leg. So if anyone is in any doubt as to why he is called Captain Chaos, now you know. Well done though Chris and a good effort.

13 Oct

3 riders from the club went over to take part in the 2nd stage of the inter-club hillclimb competition on Sunday. Reuben Moss got 3rd, just 1sec short of the win. Julian Thacker was 8th with 3:02 and John Chapman was 20th with 3:40. winner was Max Baldock with 2:23. Reuben leads the competition overall with 2 stages remaining.

5 Oct

In the Great North Run, where the weather was a lot better than here, Rose did 2:38:37. Only 8 minutes slower than last year and she had trained for that. Not bad on a diet of 10 mile timetrials. Well Done.

Brutal conditions for this mornings Portland hillclimb. With the wind reaching 39 knots, what ever that is, as the riders were about to start, and with that wind into their faces for most of the climb, it was one of the toughest days we have had for this event.In addition to the wind the rain was also coming down in sheets. Despite the weather 11 brave, or crazy, riders decided to start. The win went to the specialist at these events, Reuben Moss, with an incredible 5:48. Special Mention to Shelly who was timekeeper and despite standing around in the cold and wet still set off last and did a great ride. Also Stuart Carrington who is built more for descending than climbing. Despite not winning today Ian Cardy picked up enough points to make sure he won the season long points competition. Well done Ian.


28 Sept

Results from the weekend. In the Athletes 10 Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael, won with a fantastic 22:57. Of the club riders Ian Cardy did a great 23:56 for 4th place, it must have been the sellotape over the vents. Chris Jones did 24:56 with Shelly getting 27:19 and 1st lady's prize. Pete Tindley did 28:33 and one of the vets prizes. Rose did 33:02 and Adam Barrett did 38:59. A big thanks to all the helpers in this event

In the 2-up 25 this morning over at Poole, Ian and Shelly did a great time of 58:39, despite the cold start to the morning. No news of the winners yet.


22 Sept

Results from the weekend. In the Yeovil 10 Ian Locock did 23:10 but unfortunately Rose was ill so could not take part. Winner was Dave Kiddell,Cavalier CC, with 21:27. In the club 10 Ian Cardy got the better of Julian Thacker to take the point competition to the final ride of the season Result.
In the Sotonia 25 on Sunday Pete Tindley did 1:08:59 in some tough conditions. Winner was Ray Hughes, Clarence Wheelers, with 54:18. Ride of the weekend must go to Chris"call me chaos if you want" Jones who did an outstanding 53:19 in the Port Talbot 25. Shelly also did a great ride with 1:01:02 for a seasons best. Winner was some bloke called "Hutch" who did 46:27....yes 46:27!!!! Well done to all the riders this weekend.


16 Sept

Results from the weekend. On Saturday in the Andover 10 Julian Thacker was the best placed CC Weymouth rider with 20:37. Ian Cardy was next in with 20:47 and a PB. Ian Locock did 21:21 and Shelly got a PB with 23:31. Chris Jones managed to miss his start by 10 Minutes and ended up with 31:09. There was a tie for 1st place between Richard Prebble and Pete Vincent, both riders doing 19:26.

Also on Saturday was the club circuit race. Only 7 riders were in attendance, with only 5 of those finishing the race.Result

With the Andover 25 on Sunday being cancelled due to an accident, thankfully not involving any cyclist, The only other race involving CC Weymouth riders was the Poole Wheelers 25. Julian Thacker again was the best placed rider for the club with 55:19 and a PB. John Chapman did 58:51, although he is sure it was 59:51. Pete Tindley did 1:06:25 to ensure the team got some good points in the EDCA competition. Well Done to all.


13 Sept

A couple of results from last weeks Ironman event in Sherborne. William Wilson finished the Ironman in 1057th with 15:02:17. Former member Abi Bayley came in 107th with 11:03:05 to claim 7th Female position. Well done to those two.


10 Sept Almost missed this one. In addition to a great ride in the Cardiff 10 Chris also did 55:51 in the Hirwaun Whs 25 the following day and Shelly did 1:01:26.Winner was Scott Povey, Shirley RC, with 51:16.

Not content with having PBs most weekends, Rose made a trip to London to take part in a 5k race. Despite being caught behind the masses, Rose still came very close to a PB here as well. Well Done.

8 Sept

The result of the Cardiff 100 RCC 10 mile TT have Chris coming 5th with 21:44 and Shelly getting 26:06. Winner was Richard Simmons, London Dynamo-Cyclefit, with 21:13. Well done.

6 Sept

Only 5 brave souls turned up for todays 25 mile TT. Although it was a very tough day, with a strong headwind back to warmwell roundabout, it did not stop Julian Thacker breaking his own course record with a fantastic 58:00.Result Further afield Ian Locock did 24:06 for 10th place and first prize in the vets 50-59 age group. Winner was Keith Coffey with 21:57.


1 Sept

With the cancellation of the Poole Wheelers event on Sunday, it was up to Ian and Rose to carry the flag for the club this weekend. What is becoming a regular occurrence these days, Rose had yet another PB. This time Rose did 28:07 in the Diamond HF 10. Not to be out done Ian produced another excellent time of 22:03. Winner was Richard Bradley, Shorter Rochford RT, with 19:18.


30 Aug

We had 20 riders for todays 10 mile TT on the P415 course. Although it was a fine day with a slight headwind out, the return was not as pleasant as most of the riders were expecting. Bryce Dyer, A3crg, took the win from Julian Thacker and gained some revenge for the win Julian took earlier in the season. A great ride by Ian Cardy to take 3rd, only 1 second behind Julian. Result

Chris and Shelly went to see Paul recently and they have this to report."Went in to see Paul after the event and he has wheels! It was so heartening to see him up sitting and able to move independently. There is still a long way to go but it is learning different day to day skills that we all take for granted. It was quite something when he described what it was like to know that you have legs but not to be able to do anything with them and all the while there is a sensation of pins and needles all the time. He says he doesn’t live in hope for ever using them again; he is just living for the moment and learning what he needs to be able to lead a normal life. He is greatly inspired by the Occupational Heath worker who has the same spinal injury that he has and commutes to work using his handcycle. There is however a way to go before this stage, he needs to build up his upper body to be able to lift his body weight, then who knows what could happen. He has also lost a stone in weight! From where I don’t know, but he was also saying that his resting pulse rate, which used to be in the mid40s is now in the mid70s. It is amazing the difference that it makes in 3 months. Paul was also saying that this could be down to a drug they give you to stop you from feeling dizzy the first few times they sit you up in the chair.Apparently some people feel very sick for the first few weeks of this process. He asked after everyone and hopes they are all well".

Further update to this from Paul's wife this evening. Amazingly Paul has spent 11 hours in his wheelchair today and is progressing extremely well. He is now allowed to leave the neck brace off whilst he is in bed, but he must wear it when in the chair for another couple of weeks. He has now started weight training and learning to balance when in the chair. It is hoped he can transfer to a lighter chair within a short period, but for now his consultant wants him to contiue in the heavy chair for the greater support it gives. IL


26 Aug


After a PB in yesterdays 50 Ian Cardy set a new course record in the 5 mile race over at Stratton. Ian's time of 10:45 took a massive 22 seconds from the record previously held By Chris Jones. Chris him self did a great time for 2nd place despite a few problems during the ride. Julian Thacker took 3rd just 2 seconds slower than Chris. It was good to see a few riders who we have not seen much of this season, and there were plenty of visitors as well for this last evening event of the season.Result

25 Aug


In the NHRC 25 on Saturday Ian Locock put in another good ride to finish with 59:08. Winner was Richard Prebble with 51:27. In the A3crg 50 all the riders got PBs. Julian Thacker led the team home with 1:53:56, Chris Jones got 1:55:53, Ian Cardy did 1:57:21 and Shelly did 2:09:39. Winner by 5 seconds was Nik Bowdler with 1:45:32. In the EDCA 15 John Chapman got 35:19, Ewan Tarrant did 36:56 and Pete Tindley got 40:23. Winner was Paul Jones with 32:21. Well Done to all the riders and some great times by the 50 team.


20 Aug

18 riders turned up for last night's final evening 10 of the season. Chris Jones won the event with a fantastic 21:59. Rosemary Locock also had a great ride to knock 3:08 from her own course best. We had 6 visitors on the evening with Alex Hopson the best of these with 24:55.Result


17 Aug

Results from this weekend have Chris And Shelly taking 3rd place in the Bournemouth & Dist WCA 2-up 10 behind the Poole Wheelers team of Max Baldock and Louise Dutch. No times available yet but well done to Chris and Shelly.

Of the 7 CC Weymouth riders that took part in this mornings Antelope 10 it was the ladies that should be the most pleased. Shelly picked up the prize for 2nd place behind multi-national winner Julia Shaw with 24:08 and Rose had a PB and a sub 30 minute ride on her way to a line 1 win with 29:45. The rest of the team had these results; Julian Thacker 21:14, Chris Jones 21:44, Ian Locock 22:26, John Chapman 22:51 and Pete Tindley 25:52. Well done to all the riders and great to see so many from the club in the same event.


13 Aug

Despite the less than charitable weather for last nights 2-up 10, a sizeable field of 24 riders turned up to make the charity race well worth while. With no arm twisting at all from Andrew, the riders contributed a fantastic sum of £175. The money will be going to Salisbury hospitals spinal injuries unit where CC Weymouth rider Paul Gould is being taken care of.

With a heavy down pour and very strong winds just before the race began most riders had to be prised from their cars in order to make the start line on time. Thankfully the race passed off with no incidents and the winners were a pair of visitors from High Wycombe CC, Kevin and Joe Holloway. Well done to them and to all the riders who contributed to make this event so worthwhile.Result


6 Aug

Thanks to Andrew Svenson for this report from last nights hilly 18.

All riders deserve a medal for turning out. The weather was drizzly and murky. The race was not uneventful. Brian, the ink having just dried on his membership application form, got lost on his way to the start but arrived just in time to go off last. Paul Stockley had the bad luck to puncture just past Giant's Head and Julian Thacker had the same misfortune around Forston. We even had a valiant visitor from Las Vegas Institute for Sport, Andrew Boyd, recently moved to the area and says he'll be back for more. Ian Cardy won with an excellent time in the conditions, and Stuart Carrington gets a mention in despatches for persevering without specs. Full result of those brave enough to ride here.Result


4 Aug

Lots of PBs to report from the weekend. The first of those was on Saturday in the Charlotteville CC 10. Despite a rising wind, which did nobody any favours, Rose did 31:34 in her first open. By all accounts she really enjoyed the experience and will be keen to do lots more. Ian also did a great ride and came in with 22:46. No news on the winner yet.

On Sunday Ian Cardy did a PB of 2:04:25 in the BJW 50. Again the weather conditions were not great. Pete Tindley,despite suffering cramps in the last 10 mile, did a great ride of 2:26:37. Winner was Dave Dent in 1:53:44.

In the WTTA 100 over in Cirencester Julian Thacker and John Chapman could not fail to have a PB, as long as they finished. This they both did and John's joy at breaking the club record was short lived as Julian took over 10 minutes away from the record. Julian did 4:05:46 to John's 4:16:24. Winner was Paul Holdsworth, Houndslow & Dist Whls, 3:48:48. Well done to everyone that took part this weekend.


30 July

Over the past few weeks a number of members have visited Paul Gould in hospital. All have been rewarded by the experience. Andrew Stevenson has also delivered a pair of glasses donated by the club to allow Paul to read whilst lying on his back. This has given Paul another avenue to pass the time. Below is reproduced some feedback from one of Paul's work colleagues, kindly passed on by Ian Cardy.

"You may not be aware but Paul`s father sadly passed away the week before last, so understandably Paul wanted a bit of privacy in the two following weeks. Dot says Paul is now recovering from that terrible shock well and taking visitors again.

In the next two weeks he will undertake extensive X-raying to ensure that his neck brace can be removed and they can begin to consider moving Paul to a sitting position, which will improve his environment considerably. He has been measured up for a neck brace in anticipation that all will go well, and it is hoped that he will be able to sit up by mid August. Then there will be a further series of X-rays to look at the damage to his back where the problems relating to his lower body emanate from.

He remains, despite all the difficulties and recent bereavements in great spirits. Paul would enjoy any correspondance from colleagues as he is so keen to hear details of what is happening back at the ranch so to speak. You would be amazed how interesting he finds information relating to issues that we may feel are mundane."

We have decided to run the Charity 2-up 10 club event on 12th August to raise funds to help Paul and we are hoping that many riders will turn out, not just from CC Weymouth, to ride. However, on learning about this, both Dot and Paul have asked that any money we raise goes to the Spinal Injuries Unit, not Paul. They have a need to fit televisions into the ceiling for patients such as Paul and he is keen to help that cause.


29 July

13 riders turned up for tonights 10m TT. There was no real help anywhere around the course but some excellent times were returned none the less. Julian Thacker once again took the win but only just from Ian Locock. Ian Cardy, just back from illness, took 3rd place. Paddy Dunn put in yet another appearance and despite riding his road bike came 5th. The rest of the results are here.Result


28 July

Almost forgot to mention that Rosemary Locock travelled over to Yeovil last Thursday to take part in their club 10. Although it was a warm evening it was quite breezy. Rose did a very creditable 34:14 after suffering the effects of Chris Jones' influence by going off course. Winner was Mike Loader of the promoting club. Am I forgiven now Rose?


27 July

Results from over the weekend have Ian Locock going sub hour yet again on the Bath Road course. Ian's time of 58:30 was good enough for 10th place.Winner here was Adrian Goatley, Agiskoviner, with 55:10. In the EDCA 10 over at Fordingbridge, Pete Tindley was only slightly slower that last year in the same event. Pete did 27:28. Winner was Paul Jones,BJW, with 21:10. Well Done to both riders.

It appears that Paul Stockley went over to race with Poole Wheelers on Wednesday in their club 14. Paul came 7th with 36:16. Max Baldock was the winner with 31:52. Well Done.


22 July

A good turnout for tonight's 2-up/3-up/single riders with no mates. The result can be viewed by following the link below but special mention must go to Shelly. Not happy with doing the very tough 100 on Sunday she was back in action tonight dragging Ian Locock around the course for a very impressive win. Plenty of guest riders tonight and it was good to see Paddy Dunn putting in an appearance and making a couple of riders suffer on his wheel. Hope to see you all again soon. Result


20 July

Congratulations to Shelly who did an outstanding ride in the National 100 mile Time Trial at the weekend. Here is the report I got from Shelly, minus the swear words of course. "I made it!! I finished the course in a quicker time than I did last time, and the conditions were horrid. It was never going to be easy, but with a pretty much permanent head wind it was just hard graft. I even managed to loose the plot on the Brecon roundabout and come off an exit too soon. I swore at myself for that one. Luckily I didn’t make any other mistakes, but I wasn’t riding particularly well, taking rubbish lines going through the roundabouts". Never happy these Testers! Well Done Shelly.


20 July

The result of this mornings Poole Wheelers Time Trial has Julian Thacker as the best placed CC Weymouth rider, no surprise there. Julian's time was 59:34, a great time in the conditions, with a strong headwind finish over the last 4 mile. Ian Cardy, fresh from his wind tunnel testing, was next in for the team with 1:02:43. John Chapman did 1:04:36 and Pete Tindley produced 1:12:08. Paul Jones,BJW, was the winner with 56:10. Well done the team.


17 July

The result from Tuesday nights 25 mile race shows that Julian Thacker is still in great form. Making the most of the great conditions Julian came very close to his own course record with 58:22. 2nd place, but a long way behind, was John Chapman with 1:04:13. 3rd was one of 7 visitors tonight, Mick Dempsey, who is on his way to the Olympic games shortly, with 1:05:55. Duncan Jenkins, Worcester St. John, was next in with 1:06:48. Michelle Lindley, warming up for her 100 at the weekend, was next in with 1:07:11. Pete Tindley did 1:09:20 for 6th place.

Graham Martin, ACU, was 7th with 1:11:05 and then 3 riders all within 36 seconds of each other and all from Mud Munchers cycling team. Martin Waterman, 1:14:17, Tom Pattinson-Smith, 1:14:38, and Bob Inman with 1:14:53 were the riders. 2 CCW riders were next in with Stuart Carrington doing 1:20:19, followed by Andrew Jackson with 1:21:10. Final finisher tonight was James Stone, Mud Munchers, with 1:26:23.Result


13 July

Some results to report from the weekends racing. On Saturday Pete Tindley did 25:59 in the Antelope 10. Winner was John Tuckett, AWcycles, with 19:34. On Sunday, in the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 25, Julian Thacker was the quickest CC Weymouth rider with 56:37. John Chapman did 59:39 and Michelle Lindley did 1:04:01. Winner was Dave Dent with 53:20 with the fastest lady being Claire Day with 1:00:55. Ian Cardy and Chris Jones missed the racing this weekend due to illness.


11 July.

News has just reached me that Ian and Rose took part in the Solwey CC 10 on Thursday evening. Rose did the course in 33:05 and Ian won the event in 25:11. Both were riding their road bikes. Mad for it or what!


8 July

As is the norm with CC Weymouth events it was another tough night in the 10 mile Time Trial. Chris Jones, after his extended warm up, produced an outstanding ride to win with 23:01. John Chapman took 2nd with 24:11 closely followed by Paul Stockley with 24:32. 4th and 5th went to a couple of day members who are off to the olympics this summer, not in cycling but in another sport. Paul Goodison was 4th with 24:45 and R.Hamilton took 5th with 25:24.

6th spot went to VOTWO rider and 2nd claim member Julian Foster with 25:34. 7th place went to Michelle Lindley who came very close to catching Pete Tindley on the line. Michelle's time was 26:18 to Petes 27:17. Sandwiched between these 2 and taking 8th place was Pete Bowen, a regular visitor from Poole Wheeler. Pete's time was 26:51. Stuart Carrington was next in with 29:36 and Andrew Jackson filled the final slot with 31:10. 1 DNF to report from tonights race and that was Sam Edwards. Thankfully not due to injury this time, Sam had a puncture and was grateful to his dad for coming to pick him up. Result


5 July

News has just reached me that Ian and Rose ventured over to Yeovil on Thursday night to do the Yeovil CC club 10. Ian did a great ride to claim joint 2nd place with 22:33 and Rose did 32:43 and is well and truly hooked on testing. Winner was Mike Loader with 21:52.


2 July

8 riders took to the start for Tuesday nights Hilly 18. It was a great night weather wise for this course, only spoilt by the odd shower at the far end of the course. With such good weather conditions it was no surprise at the great times that were being produced. In the absence of Julian Thacker, due to a puncture just after Lyons Gate, it was Ian Cardy who took the win with with an excellent 46:12. Very close behind was Ewan Tarrant with 46:22 in his first race for some time. 3rd place, and no late start,went to Chris Jones with 46:39.

Dave Wood, Wyre Forest, a regular visitor to the club, was next home with 51:51. An brilliant time considering this was Dave's first ride on the course and was a little unsure of the route. Michelle Lindley was next in with 54:41 despite probably still feeling the weekends 50 in her legs. Pete Tindley was next in, himself feeling the effects of a hard weekend 50. Petes time was 58:08. The final place went to Stuart Carrington, another rider taking on the hilly 18 for the first time. Stuart's time was 1:08:11. Result


29 June


On Saturday Ian Locock did 58:45, in very tough conditions, in the Elm Tree Whls 25 at Andover. Winner was Ben Instone with 50:38. Also on Saturday Chris and Shelly took part in the Bristol South and Corinium 50. Chris did 1:59:24 despite another late start. You know what to get him for Christmas Shelly. An excellent 2:09:59 was the result for Shelly in that event. Winner was Nik Bowdler, Farnborough and Camberley CC, with 1:44:46.

In the Wessex 50 on Sunday Julian did 1:57:39 for 2nd place. John Chapman,2:04:28, and Ian Cardy, who had a problem with his cleats,2:05:17, ensured that the club won the team prize. Pete Tindley did 2:23:10 despite suffering bad cramps for the last 7 mile. Pete also won the Vets on standard prize. Winner here was Russell Kober, DHcyclesport.co.uk, with 1:54:01. Some excellent results this weekend so well done to all riders.


24 June

12 riders signed on for tonights 10 and most were probably expecting a fast night. Although there was very little wind it did seem to be quite tough in both direction. Not put off by this, Terry Icke, Poole Wheelers, took the win with an impressive 22:04. 2nd place went to Julian Thacker who was feeling a bit jaded after some heavy training recently. Julian's time was 22:42. 3rd place went to Ian Cardy with 23:04 after a sprint finish with Terry.

Ian Locock was next in with 23:11 followed by John Chapman with 23:34. 6th place went to the still improving Paul Stockley with 24:35. Michelle Lindley was 7th with 26:18. Very impressive after her 50 on Sunday. Tomos Cato was next in with a great time of 26:45 and Pete Tindley was 9th with 26:58. 10th place went to Sam Edwards with 28:30 despite having a few problems with a niggling injury. 11th Place went to Rosemary Locock with 32:36 and Adam Barratt, who managed to stay on course this week, managed to beat his best time and came in with 38:54Result


23 June

Result from Sundays Plymouth Corinthians CC 50 event have Chris Jones finishing in a time of 2:08:28 for 16th place. Michelle Lindley also had a good ride and finished with a time of 2:24:36 for 41st place and 1st lady. Well Done to both of them. Winner was Sean Childs,RNRMCA, with 1:53:05


18 June

It may have been the thought of having to battle the very strong headwind between Wool and Warmwell roundabouts that meant only 8 riders signed on for tuesday nights 25 mile time trial, 3 of those being guests from Poole Wheelers. Despite the conditions the ever youthful Ian Locock took the win with the only sub hour ride of the night. Ian's 59:45 was a winning margin of 49 seconds from the 2nd place rider Ian Cardy with 1:00:34. John Chapman was a distant 3rd with 1:02:08.

4th place went to in-form rider Julian Thacker who was good enough to ride his road bike to give the rest of us a chance. Julian's 1:03:12 was just good enough to hold of Paul Stockley, riding a time trial bike for the first time in years, with 1:03:29. 6th, 7th and 8th places were fought out amongst the Poole Wheelers trio. Denzil Hunt's 1:03:36 getting the place ahead of team mate Pete Grounds with 1:06:41. Peter Bowen took the final spot with 1:12:31.Result


16 June

More results are now available from the weekend. In the Farnham 25 Ian Locock rolled back the years yet again. This time Ian produced a fantastic 56:54 for 18th place from a full field. This was Ian's fastest time for almost 25 years. Winner here was Richard Prebble, GS Stada, with 51:24.

In the Welsh Championship 50 Chris Jones did 2:05:17 despite having a late start penalty. Michelle Lindley, the reigning champion, had to settle for 2nd place this time despite an excellent 2:20:01. Winner here was William Moore,Shorter Rochford RT, with 1:51:56. All the riders that represented the Cycling Club this weekend did a brilliant job. Well done.


14 JuneFirst result of the weekend is in and its PB's all round. Fastest on the day is Julian Thacker with 20:29. Chris Jones improved yet again, this time by 2 secs to take his PB to 21:07. A good job Chris did improve by those 2 second because Ian Cardy was very close this time with 21:09. An excellent result by all 3 riders. Winner of the event was Mr Tucket, AWcycles/Giant, with 19:35


10 June

Although a pleasant evening greeted our 8 riders tonight they were all in for a shock once they had taken the turn at Worgret Manor. The strong headwind over the final few miles had most of the riders searching for a smaller gear. This did not deter Gary Steadman from taking the win with 23:25. Obviously no ill effects from all the running Gary has been doing recently. 2nd place went to Ian Locock, who is returning to form quite nicely. Ian's time was 23:34.

3rd on the evening was John Chapman with 23:52 and Julian Foster took 4th with 25:39. One second slower than Julian, probably due to riding his road bike, was Paul Stockley with 25:40. Getting very close to his best on this course, despite having some cleat problems, was Pete Tindley with 26:53 for 6th place. 7th place went to Stuart Carrington, who had made the trip from Bridport, with 31:16. 8th place went to the fast improving Rosemary Locock with 34:48. Result


9 June

Results from the weekend have Chris Jones producing yet another PB. This time Chris produced 4:30 in the Welsh 100. Also in action in that event was Shelly who had her best on the course with 4:53. Winner was Colin Wallace. All times will be confirmed soon.

In the clubs own Road Race held around the Wool area. James Cotty, GA Cycles, took the win closely followed by local fast man Barry"Chippo" Clewett. Julian Thacker was not too far behind in 7th place. I have had a few emails from riders of this event who would like to thank everybody that helped out on the day and for making the event a big hit.

Also in action on Sunday was Paul Stockley in the Bournemouth Jubilee Mountain bike race in Wareham. Paul came 5th in that race. Well done to all the riders this weekend.


4th June

After the rain that had been pouring down all day it was a pleasant surprise to find dry roads and only a mild breeze blowing into the riders faces on the outward leg of the hilly 18. As is usual these days Julian Thacker took the win, and a new course record, with 45:24. Chris Jones was next in with a time that would usually win this event,46:50.

Getting closer to Chris each week is Ian Cardy. This time he was only 5 seconds shy of Chris with 46:55. John Chapman took 4th with 47:39 to complete the sub 50min category. Julian Foster, VOTWO, was next in with 51:29 and closely followed by Paul Stockley in 51:38. Michelle Lindley was next in with an excellent time of 54:47 for 7th place.

Sam Edwards was back racing tonight after some time away with injury. Sam's time of 55:46 was an improvement of 1:29. Pete Tindley was next in with 57:30, despite having had 2 hard races at the weekend. Paul Hughes, Poole Wheelers, took 10th place with 1:05:40. Final place this week went to Adam Barratt who must have thought that he was on a stage of the Tour of Dorset. Adam managed to cover quite a lot of the north part of Dorset, although most of it was not the Hilly 18. Adam was credited with a time of 1:40:00(ish). Better luck next time Adam. Result


1st June

Some great rides to report on from the weekend. In the Sotonia CC 10 on Saturday Dave Arrowsmith got the better of Pete Tindley in the 1st of their double header. Dave did 25:13 to Pete's 25:21. Pete did report that he went off course at one of the roundabouts and lost about 15 seconds. School boy error! Winner here was Simon Donne, Epsom CC, in 20:56.

Hoping to make amends for his mistake on Saturday, Pete was determined to do a good ride in the Bournemouth Arrow CC 25. This he did with a seasons best of 1:5:43. Dave, probably still suffering from his efforts on Saturday did 1:9:05. As good as Petes ride was, it was not enough to beat Michelle Lindley. Michelle did a fantastic ride and finished with a time of 1:5:14.

The head to head between the 2 in-form riders, Julian Thacker and Chris Jones, never really got going. Jules was on a flyer today and had a PB with a time with 55:24. Chris still did a great ride but trailed Jules by 1:33 to record 56:57. John Chapman made up the 3rd place for the team with 58:31. Winner here was Ben Instone with 51:19. Well Done to all our riders this week.


27 May

16 riders signed on for tonights 10 mile Time Trial, Including 2 riders who had PB's at the weekend and the National Champion. With only a slight wind and some warm conditions decent times were the order of the day. Not one to disappoint, Julian Thacker took the win with 22:13, a winning margin of 43 seconds over 2nd place Chris Jones.

Next in, and having just returned from doing over 200 miles in the Tour of Wessex, was Ian Cardy with 23:03. John Chapman was 4th with 23:15 closely followed by Ian "The Champ" Locock with 23:19. Paul Stockley took the next spot in 24:49. Not bad on a road bike.

Derek Dowden from the Charlotteville CC took 7th place with 25:27 and 8th place went to Michelle Lindley with 25:53. Adam Fox, one of the come and try riders, was 9th with 26:42. 10th place went to Peter Tindley, Gearing up for a weekend double, with 26:49. And where there's Pete then not far behind is usually Dave Arrowsmith. Dave took the next spot with 27:28.

12th position went to Joe Whitnall in a time of 28:57. Stuart Carrington, one of the new members of the club, was next in with a time of 30:09. Jerry Fox, a visitor from Exeter, was next in with a time of 30:36. Giving the TT bike its first outing and coming in with a very impressive time of 35:19, was Rosemary Locock. The final place went to a young man who i am sure we will hear a lot more about in the future, 15yr old Adam Barratt, riding his first ever Time Trial and recording a time of 39:01. Result


25th May

Another great weekend of racing for CC Weymouth riders. First up, Chris Jones has had yet another PB. Chris did 55:05 in the Ogmore Valley Whls 25. The winner of that event was Colin Wallace, Merthyr CC, with 51:34.

In the National 10 mile Championship event Julian Thacker did 21:07 to improve his PB by 31 seconds. In the same event Ian Locock did 22:23 and won the medal for 1st place in his age group. Winner here was Michael Hutchinson, In-Gear Quickvit RT, with an astonishing time of 18:07

In the ladies event Michelle Lindley did a great ride to record 24:00. Winner here was Julia Shaw, GS Strada, with 20:30. No news yet on Ian Cardy in the Wessex 3 day. Well done to all the riders this weekend.


For those of you who had been wondering where young Sam Edwards has been recently we received this from his mum Mandy. "Just to let you know Sam is off the bike for the next 4 - 6 week due to a knee problem. He has an inflamed fluid sac behind the knee and has to rest it. He is having physio but this has set back his plans somewhat! Doctors were particularly unhelpful but the private physio has been great!"

Will keep you informed...


20 May

Tuesday nights Time Trial was the last chance for some of the club members to test their legs prior to some very important races at the weekend. It was quite a tough night with a cold easterly wind making the leg to Wool even tougher. As tough as it was it did not stop the in form Julian Thacker from taking the win in a time of 58:20. Chris Jones, riding his fixed gear machine, was 2nd in 59:40.

Ian Cardy was next in with a time of1:00:01, those timekeepers can be cruel, Closely followed by Ian Locock with 1:00:22. John Chapman took 5th place with 1:01:27, which just left the usual battle between Michelle Lindley and Pete Tindley. Michelle took the honours this time around with 1:08:35 to Petes 1:10:20. Result


18 May

Result from this mornings 30 mile Time Trial, hosted by Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, Have John Chapman finishing in 1:11:27. Next up for the team was Pete Tindley with 1:21:49 and Dave Arrowsmith with 1:24:40. It was a tough morning with a stong headwind to Holes Bay Roundabout. This did not deter the winner who was Ben Instone with 1:2:31.

16 May

Only 1 race involving CC Weymouth riders this weekend. The Bournemouth Jubilee are hosting the 30 Mile Time Trial on the Upton course. Riders involved are Dave Arrowsmith, Pete Tindley and John Chapman. Best of luck to those riders. If anybody else is involved in a race elsewhere then please put the details on the forum so we can give you a mention.


13 May

Only 10 riders attended tonights 10 Mile Time Trial on the Gallows Hill circuit. The winner, and proving that age old saying of "Form is temporary but class is permanent" was Julian Thacker. His time of 22:10 was 1:14 ahead of 2nd place Ian Cardy. 3rd place, and 2seconds adrift of Ian, was John Chapman with 23:26. 4th place went to Gordon Scott with a very good time of 24:10.

Next up was Poole Wheelers rider Ken Farwell with 25:19. He was closely followed by Paul Stockley who was still feeling the effects of a 2 1/2 hour mountain bike race in the blistering sun on Sunday afternoon. Paul did 25:22. Chris Jones was next up riding his road bike and "taking it easy" with 25:59 and just 18 seconds ahead of Michelle Lindley. 9th and 10th were separated by only 10 seconds. Dave Arrowsmith getting the better of Pete Tindley. Their times being 26:58 and 27:08. Result


12 May

Results from the Welsh 25 mile Championship have given Chris Jones his 2nd PB of the weekend. Chris powered his way to 55:12 to complete a great weekend for himself. Winner was Rob Wood with 50:08. Michelle Lindley also had a great ride with a 1:01:20 to come close to her PB. Winner of that race was Ruth Eyles with 56:15.

The Sotonia event on Sunday was cancelled due to an accident involving our own Paul Gould. All the very best wishes to Paul for a speedy recovery and lets hope to see him back with us very soon.


Some news just in from the Crabwood CC 10 over at Andover. A PB for Chris Jones with 21:09 and riding a fixed gear of 106". Michelle Lindley also had a PB with 23:45, Although she is claiming a 23:40. Shelly, the timekeeper is never wrong, unless i'm riding of course.

Ian Locock also put in a great ride, although wishing he had opted for the bigger 56t chainring. Ian's time of 21:41 was enough for 8th place in his age group and comes only 4 weeks after completing the marathon. Lots more to come yet no doubt. Winner of Ian's event was Ray Hughes with 20:11. Ewan Tarrant did not make the it to the start line due to a heavy work load leading into a busy exam period. No news yet on the winner of this event.


6th May

12 riders turned out for tonight's 10 mile time trial only to be faced with a strong headwind down to the Wool Roundabout. This did not seem to affect Chris Jones too much as he won in a great time of 23:25. In doing so Chris produced his best power output of 310 watts. John Chapman was next in, just managing to get under 24 minutes with 23:58.

The battle for the next 2 placings was very close, with Ian Locock just pipping Ian Cardy, their times being 24:13 and 24:15. 5th place went to the still improving Paul Stockley with 25:58. Julian Thacker, still ill with a chest infection, was next up with 26:42.

Michelle Lindley was next up, but it appears she has a new rival in the shape of young Sam Edwards. Michelle’s 27:01 was just enough to hold off Sam who produced 27:03. Not too far behind these 2 was Peter Tindley with 27:22.

David Arrowsmith, still smiling from his big prize win at the weekend, was next in with 28:17. Pete Bowen from Poole Whs was our only visitor this evening and was next in with 28:46. The final place went to new member Chris Minto in a very respectable time of 29:50. Result

The thanks of all riders goes to Adam Barrett who stepped in as start line timekeeper, to allow Carolan Smerdon time to get to the finish.

More weekend news has emerged from Wales about Michelle and Chris' trip to ride the Port Talbot Wheelers 10 and recce the course for this weekend's Welsh 25 championship.

In the 10 Chris picked up 15th place with 23:10 and Shelly got 43rd with 25:57. Winner was Wayne Van Den Bergh in 21:32.


4th May

Results from the weekend have Ian Locock producing a great ride in the Bath CC 10 on Saturday. Ian’s 22:12 giving him 48th place.
Quote from Ian “22:12 was the damage today for 48th place. It was also John Woodburn’s turn to beat me which he did by one second. My turn next time out. I’m quite happy with that at this stage in my season.”

Elsewhere on Saturday, Ewan Tarrant's ride in the BUSA championship in Oxfordshire resulted in 27th place with a time of 58:33. This event was won by Ashley Brown in 51:59.

A tough day in the Bournemouth & District WCA 25m Time Trial saw Steve Walkling, a3crg, take the win with an excellent 54:49. Of the CC Weymouth riders, nobody managed to get under the hour, which shows how tough it was. John Chapman came closest with 1:00:53 closely followed by Paul Gould in 1:01:51. Fighting it out for the 3rd place on the team was Peter Tindley and David Arrowsmith. This time around it was Peter who had the edge with 1:08:30 to David’s 1:10:32, even though David had a 9sec improvement on his time.


1st May

Ewan Tarrant took part in the Crabwood CC 10m TT tonight. He took the win in 23:26, a winning margin of 1:18. Well Done.


29th April

Only 4 riders made their way to the start line in tonight’s first hilly 18 of the season.
Reports were that it was a tough night, especially the return leg from Lyons Gate.
This did not stop Ian Cardy from taking the win with an impressive 47:59.
2nd place went to Paul Stockley, still trying to find his old time trialling legs, with 52:24. The usual battle between Michelle Lindley and Peter Tindley came down in favour of Michelle this time around with 56:32 to Peter's 59:37. Result


28th April

Ewan Tarrant took part in 2 events over the weekend. First up was the BUSA 10m Championship where Ewan did 23:26. The winner here was Michael Hutchinson, In –Gear Quickvit RT in a time of 19:50.
On Sunday he also took part in the Andover Wheelers 25m TT. Although not a great day he recorded a terrific 57:45 for 8th place. Winner was Ray Hughes in 53:17.


26th April


Another great ride and another course PB for Julian Thacker ensured that he became the 1st, as far as my records show, CC Weymouth rider to win the club's open. His stunning ride of 22:01 meant that he won the event by 15secs from Dave Pickering, BJW.

3rd place went to Terry Icke, Poole Wheelers, riding only his 2nd TT of the season in a time of 22:37. Gary steadman, also Poole Wheelers, did another great ride for 4th, closely followed by Ian Diaper.

Michael Graven took 6th spot to ensure Poole Wheelers took the team prize. Geoff Loveman, Fareham Wheelers and a work mate and training partner of the winner, took 7th. Ian Cardy, CC Weymouth, pulled off a superb ride and a PB to take 8th spot in 23:13. Martin Beale, New Forest CC, took 9th with Gary Tuskin, also a Poole Wheeler rounding off the top 10.

Other rides of note were Louise Dutch, yes another Poole Wheeler, who was 1st lady and 12th overall. James Terry, another work/training partner of Julian (I have got to get a job there) did a PB of 23:52. Sam Edwards, CC Weymouth, also did a PB taking a massive 1:23 from his best time.

Michelle Lindley and Peter Tindley were only separated by 12secs, with Michelle taking the honours this time despite still in recovery from illness and Peter just happy to have a trouble free ride. Result here

Also in action over the weekend was Ewan Tarrant who rode the Busa 10m TT Championships in Cambridge. He recorded a creditable 23:26. Winner was Michael Hutchinson, In-Gear Quickvit RT, in 19:50 and the 1st student was Ashley Brown, Oxford Brookes, in 21:05.

Ewan also competed in the Andover Wheelers 25m TT this morning. Although caught in some heavy rain at the turn he did a great ride to record 57:45. The winner was Ray Hughes, Clarence Wheelers, with a time of around 53mins which will be confirmed when full result is available.


23rd April

A bit late with this one, but it appears that in addition to his great ride last night, Julian Thacker was also very active in the Norman Halewood Memorial Road Race on sunday. Unconfirmed reports have compared his ride to that of Jens Voigt. Julian eventually finished 19th in the same time as the winner, Lee Tunnicliffe of DH Cyclesports.co.uk.

Up on the P613 Last night Ewan Tarrant produced a 21:50 on what he described as "not a very good night". The winning time was 20:34, so perhaps it wasn't that bad.

22nd April

With tonight's course being used for Saturday's open event it was no surprise that a few of the top seeds put in an appearance. There was plenty of friendly banter before the race, but when it got down to the serious stuff it was CC Weymouth's own Julian Thacker who took the win with his best time on the course, a very impressive 22:14. Second place went to one of the seven visitors, Ian Diaper with an excellent 22:36. Third place was taken by Terry Icke, riding one of his first races of the season.

Gary Steadman, fresh from his great ride in the EDCA 27k on Sunday, was 4th in 23:11 followed by John Chapman in 23:52. Ian Locock riding his first TT in anger was next up in 23:54. 7th place was a tie between Paul Gould and Gordon Scott with 25:19. 9th place went to Paul Stockley and 10th to Peter Tindley who had a incident free ride for once. Andrew Preston, who only just made the start, was next up closely followed by another visitor Eddy Toal. Finally there was the 2-up team of Andre and Lauren Barber who finished with a creditable 28:28. Result


20th April

The EDCA 27k event this morning had Peter Tindley and John Chapman riding for CC Weymouth. Both riders managed to puncture, John on the start line and Peter whilst riding through Wool. Peter did manage to finish with a time of 53:38. The winner was Paul Jones, BJW, in 37:33.

Further afield, Chris Jones and Michelle Lindley secretly sneaked over to Wales to take part in the Acme Whs 25 at Hirwaun. Shelly was DNS for a number of reasons, some mechanical, while Chris at least got a ride. A 30mph plus ride to the turn was followed by a 20mph grovel back to the finish and a time of 57:02 for 19th was the result. Charles McCulloch of Shorter Rochford RT led the way with 51:40.


19th April

Three members have been in action today in two separate events. Peter Tindley took in the Yeovil 10 at Podimore and, although having trouble free ride, was disappointed with his 28:36 for 5th on standard. The stiff easterly wind was unhelpful here and slowed times for the those who did bother to start. Winner was Mike Loader of the promoting club in 22:11.

Michelle Lindley and Chris Jones were entered in the A3crg 10 at Liphook as Chris continued his quest for a time that will get him into the National 10. No word about the conditions here, but Chris managed a 22:21 for 25th place and Shelly did 25:16 to finish as third lady. Chris now has an anxious wait to see if his PB from last season is enough to secure his place. Winner here was Pete Vincent with 20:34.


15th April

Was it the bright sunshine or the thought of only having to do 5 miles in one direction that brought out 16 riders for the first evening TT of the season. A dozen club members were joined by three Poole Wheelers and second-claim member Gordon Scott.

The win went to Max Baldock, making a rare appearance in a CCW event, from Chris Jones and Julian Thacker. Gary Steadman claimed fourth place closely followed by John Chapman who made a last minute decision to ride.

Gordon Scott has obviously been training well this winter taking sixth place ahead of a tie between Ian Cardy and final visitor Mark Moss. Paul Gould sneaked inside 12 minutes by a couple of seconds for the final 25mph-plus ride of the evening. One second covered the next three riders with new member Paul Stockley returning to time trialling in tenth. Sam Edwards and Ian Locock tied for the next place with Ian just glad to be time trialling again after Sunday's marathon.

Peter Tindley had a trouble free ride to show Joe Whitnall the way home. Todd Preston made his first appearance of the season, beating Dad Andrew by seven seconds. Result


14th April

Apologies for the late results this week, but I went for a jog around London that left me short of time.

It seems that the 25 on Saturday was affected by riders keeping rested for their Sunday races and the uncertainty that April showers bring. The result was that only seven riders signed on, which included two visitors from Bournemouth Jubilee. In the event, the race went off in dry conditions, but with a strong south westerly wind hampering progress between Wool and Warmwell.

The result could not have been closer with Chris Jones taking the win by one second from Rob Jefferies of Bournemouth Jubilee, after being 22 seconds down with 11 miles to go. Third place was taken by Ian Cardy, now recovered from his ride around France, this time by three seconds from fast finishing Paul Gould, who nearly made up his 19 second deficit at 14 miles.

William Wilson did some more Ironman training to claim fifth place by just over a minute from Michelle Lindley, most of which he built up in the first half of the race. In seventh was our other visitor from Bournemouth Jubilee, George Holand with a time of 1:13:08. Result

Yesterday we had John Chapman and Peter Tindley riding in the EDCA Hilly 24 at Wimborne. No information about John's ride apart fromt the fact that his 1:1:39 was good enough for 14th place. However, as of late, Peter Tindley had another eventful ride due to mechanical gremlins. This time there was a gearing mishap that resulted in the chain becoming jammed in his wheel. Whether Peter didn't have enough shredded wheat prior to the race or not, but it took him four minutes to release the oily blighter. 1:18:24 and 41st place was the resulting damage. Event winner was Dave Dent with 55:29.

Latest information from the Pitterds Road Race where Julian Thacker was in action is that he finished in the bunch. A large field of 80 set a brisk average speed of 25mph despite the obstacle of Ham Hill. Winner was Barry CLewett of Bournemouth Arrow.

In other sports, those subscribers to the discussion page will know that Rosemary Locock completed the London Marathon in 5:39:14, easily beating her target of 6 hours. She also managed to raise in excess of £2000 to be distributed between the three beneficiaries she has chosen. It was a magnificent effort since she only gained her place in mid January and then lost three weeks of training after falling down the stairs at home. Husband Ian was also a finisher and finally ended his days as a runner.


6th April

Thirteen riders signed on for the 10 at Warmwell yesterday, no doubt attracted by the bright sunshine after the soaking of last week. It was not all good news as the wind was quite strong from the north west. That made it chilly when the sun went behind the clouds that deposited a small amount of hailstones around the finish.

Julian Thacker duly posted a warning that he is after winning back his club champion mantle with superb ride of 22:48. Visitor Bryce Dyer of A3crg was next up on 23:31 pushing John Chapman into third with his 24:26, showing just how tough a day it was. Chris Jones just crept inside 25 minutes on his 86" fixed wheel and was followed by Paul Gould riding his first club event of the season on 25:58.

Second-claim member Julian Foster took sixth place with 26:25 and was followed by an outstanding first time trial from Kevin Greening with 27:03. Sam Edwards again took the junior honours, his 27:28 over two minutes too good for Joe Whitnall's 29:52. Peter Tindley put some mid-week mechanical problems with his TT bike behind him to scoop 9th in a time of 28:08 to win the battle with Michelle Lindley this time recording 28:21. Shelly was rueing the 4 mile run she inadvertantly did on Friday proving that her navigational problems are not confined to cycling.

Andrew Preston was keen to take the number one slot this week, but has obviously started to train a little more as he was quicker than his effort of a couple of weeks ago, a feat not achieved by many. Colin Deuchars didn't choose an especially good day to start his season with only his second time trial ever. His 32:51 belies the limited training time he has available as well as the time of year and the conditions on the day. No doubt he will go much better when the summer actually arrives. Result

As some of you will have seen, Simon Millington has staked his claim for the most bizarre puncture. 255 miles in Majorca on training camp; 0 punctures. Unpack bike, leave in garage for week; 1 puncture!


1st April

Having just typed the date you will wonder about this piece of news, but it is true. There is a new claim to Peter Tindley's crown for the most bizarre puncture of the season. This one involves the FRONT tyre of the rider's turbo training bike, which was on the turbo, but not in use at the time. More to the point, the room was empty and the rider was in a different building when it happened. Can anyone beat that?


30th March

After yesterday's wash-out, the first day of British Summertime at last gave some good conditions enabling the Army CU 25 to go ahead at Andover. Richard Prebble took full advantage and knocked out a winning 52:15.

Ewan Tarrant was quickest CCW rider with 57:26 followed by Chris Jones on 58:33. Michelle Lindley was in the money again, picking up third lady award with her 1:3:41 and catching Michelle Ayres in the process.

After William Wilson's appearance in the Easter Bunny 10k road run last weekend, where he finished with a time of 49:01, Ben Harris continued the CCW participation in running events by competing in the Bournemouth Bay half marathon today. No times available for that one yet.


29th March

With the weather forecast of earlier in the week proving correct, it was no surprise to learn that the Army CU 10 at Andover this afternoon was called off, thereby denying Shelly, Chris and Ewan any sport for today.

In Dorset however, the rural roads used for the first event on the new circuit course were wet with a couple of muddy sections, but devoid of the spray that would have caused a cancellation.

Six riders signed-on including a couple of visitors, but being an inter-club event, disappointingly there was only Gary Steadman flying the flag for the opposition. John Chapman rode well for the win and tried manfully to catch Gary off one minute in front, failing by a mere 14 seconds to do so.

Third place was taken by Phil Evans of Bournemouth Jubilee, which he admitted was his first placing of any sort in a time trial. Next to finish was William Wilson, riding as training for the Sherborne Ironman later in the year. At halfway he had been caught by young Sam Edwards, but reversed the position quite dramatically on his second lap. Sam suffered quite badly with cramp and William was one of only two riders to cover his second lap faster than his first. Sam did however grab fifth place from his older rival Joe Whitnall, the other rider to have a quicker second lap.

It's said that riding at a constant effort is the quickest way to time trial and John certainly proved that today with lap times of 30:13 and 30:14. Other first lap times were; Gary 30:27, Phil 31:57, William 34:08, Sam 33:09 & Joe 36:51. Result

Next week's event is a 10 at Warmwell with a 2:30 pm start and hopefully on a warm, sunny and dry day.


23rd March

Today was the third consecutive day of racing for our three club members in the Bournemouth Jubilee 42k event at Wool. Conditions appear to have been the worst of the weekend as although the wind had died down somewhat, icy rain started about 10 minutes before the first rider was off and continued hard for an hour. John Chapman described it as absolutely horrible and he has been used to quite a few wet days during his winter training. Temperature was quoted at 3 degC.

Ewan Tarrant was again fastest CCW rider claiming 5th place with a time of 1:9:46 and followed by John Chapman in tenth with 1:13:35. Peter Tindley was our third counter finishing very wet and cold and for the first time ever recorded a minus standard time in the vets result. His time of 1:28:24 put him in 26th place.

Winner was Nik Gardiner (John's Bikes), three times National 24hr champion, with 1:3:38.

Michelle Lindley and Chris Jones had an unexpected day off when the A3crg 10 they had entered was called off on Saturday due to the forecast poor weather. It will now be run on 20th April.


22nd March

It was perhaps no surprise due to the weather that there were only ten riders for our first club event of the season, two of whom were visitors. However, it was a deceptive day with three of the riders posting their fastest ever rides on the course. Bright sunshine at the start flattered to deceive as nearer to the turn riders were battered by a hailstorm, driven on by a strong and biting northerly wind reducing the temperature to around 7deg C.

Ewan Tarrant was first home with 22:40 and was one of the three improvers, followed in by John Chapman opening the defence of his club championship on 23:30. First visitor home was Chris Baldwin of Eagle RC with 23:41 completing the 25+mph rides.

A deeply disappointed Chris Jones finished fourth with his head full of confusing power data resulting in 24:05 and is now looking over his shoulder as Shelly finished next with 25:51, another course best. Our other visitor, Jack Wiltshire of driventotri.com took sixth place in 26:11 and was the only rider in shorts and short sleeves on the day. They're tough these triathletes!

It's good to see that we have two juniors going head to head this season and the rivalry should pull them both out to some good times. Sam Edwards managed to blag the afternoon off work to give Joe Whitnall a 36 second beating with 27:30 for seventh to Joe's 28:06 in eighth. Watch this space.

Peter Tindley was happier with his effort than he had been yesterday, but is now becoming something of a bizarre puncture king. Having admitted at club night to puncturing on the turbo trainer a little mouse tells me that he had another puncture on the way home on Good Friday when the bike was in the back of the car. However, he put all of this fun behind him to record 28:24.

Andrew Preston rounded off the field with 29:08 satisfying his target of a sub-30 minute time, which considering he has only been on the bike once every other week since the start of the year is no mean feat. Result


21st March

There were five club members riding in the Bournemouth Arrow Good Friday 10 at Lytchett Matravers today. For some it was the first event of three consecutive planned racing days on what is a not too promising weekend weather-wise.

Ewan Tarrant was first CCW rider home with 24:33 in conditions described as nice going out, but brutal coming back. At least it stayed dry. Chris Jones was next to finish on 24:45, thwarted once more in his effort to get a qualifying time for the National 10 Championship in May. Our third rider was John Chapman finishing with 25:18 followed by Michelle Lindley, whose 27:22 earned her the 2nd Lady prize.

Our final counter was Peter Tindley who apparently had no comment to make after his 30:59 of purgatory, but like some others was hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Winner was James Gilfillan of Primera Sport with a time of 21:58 on a day when the result had distinctly old-fashioned look to it.


20th March

Those members who have joined the Discussion page will have seen the short note from Ian Cardy on his ride to Cannes. For those that haven't seen it his text is reproduced below and starts by saying "I didn't crash (didn't even clash wheels which must be a record for me!!)"

I had some superb highs - a 'hilly' time trial of around forty miles, some of which was spent at 40 mph uphill drafting the pace car through a town centre in the evening rush hour with five others, and this was after 160 miles in the saddle already that day.

I also had some lows - picking up acute tendonitis on the Saturday in my right foot (yet that was my strongest day) meaning I was ordered off the bike for 48 hours rest come Sunday lunchtime (at which point the pain had got so bad I couldn't clip out) as it was feared at first I could have a stress fracture - I did tell them I didn't fall off though!! The swelling got so bad I couldn't put the cycle shoe back on anyhow - despite trying.

I was gutted not to do the 1000 miles I wanted to do (I ended up doing just over 600 over the five days in the end). So I've 'unfinished business' in France (around Aix-en-Provence) to go back to do some time later (hopefully this year).

But I've spent a week off the bike (and maybe too much time in the cafes and bars of Nice, Monaco and Cannes - well, I had to have some motivation to cycle there!!) and am raring to get back on again. Off to see the Doc re the foot (I reckon the tendonitis was due to needing to slow down for the others in the peloton - we only did 15 mph average on some legs - but why only the right foot I've no idea) and then clean a very mile weary and worn Roubaix.


15th March

Disappointment, not to mention heavy rain, greeted all of our members who ventured up to Andover today to ride in the Sotonia 10. The event was cancelled due to the amount of standing water and spray on the A303 where it was hard to see the car in front let alone a cyclist.

This is becoming a more regular occurrence these days, particularly where trunk roads are used and the suggestion has been made that perhaps emergency courses close by could be used in conditions such as today. It will not be an easy solution to arrange, but there is certainly merit in investigating the possibilities.

However, with Easter coming up, a number of members are planning to ride on Friday in the Bournemouth Arrow 10, on Saturday in our first club 10 of the season and on Sunday in the Bournemouth Jubilee 42km event at Wool. This should go some way towards making up for what was lost today.


9th March

CCW members have ridden in two events today across the South DC.

Ewan Tarrant was one of a disappointing field of only 22 riders in the Team Axiom Hilly 30 at Wickham in Hampshire. Conditions for the 9:15 start were bright, dry and chilly, but with roads wet from overnight rain.

Resplendent in his new skinsuit, Ewan finished in tenth place with a time of 1:17:32. Event winner was Dave Dent with 1:10:01.

At Lytchett Matravers, the combined Poole Wheelers/Wessex Road Club 25 may only have been a club event, but it managed to attract a field of 18 individual riders and a further six 2-up combinations. Seven CCW members took part, recording some excellent times for such an early event. Conditions appear to have been much the same here.

Julian Thacker was quickest club member this week with a fine 57:14 that earned him 2nd place using this. Less than a minute behind and showing the value of all of those early Sunday morning rides, was John Chapman, who only yesterday said he would not get under the hour. Some of us have more faith and his 58:06 for third proves he should too. Or was he just bluffing?

Next to finish was Chris Jones, experimenting with a fixed gear that may have been too high, as his 1:1:28 shows. He was immediately followed in 9th place by Paul Gould, who has obviously been training quietly down in Bridport, with 1:2:38.

It looks like the Lindley v Tindley race may be on again this year, with Shelly getting the upper hand this time. Andrew Stevenson was the meat in this sandwich for 12th to 14th places, already putting his new commuting mileage to good use. Shelly recorded 1:7:50 after a tough track session yesterday, with Andrew recording 1:8:42 and Peter on 1:9:16.

Winner was Max Baldock with 55:19, nearly a minute quicker than his ride last year.


6th March

It appears that Ewan Tarrant started his season last Sunday at the Sotonia club 10 on the infamous Beaulieu Road course in the New Forest. His 23:24 earned him second place to the winning 23:08 of the Sotonia's Dave Koss.


2nd March

There were no takers or the 100 mile reliability trial today and although Shelly set off to ride around, she found it no fun alone and wrapped up with a 66 mile ride for the day.

After last weekend's flurry of racing activity, John Chapman was the only one in action this weekend. Partly trying to make amends for what he felt was a poor ride last Sunday (it wasn't), he had a go at the Poole Wheelers Whiteways Hilly. Fourth place with a time of 45:37, just a shade under a minute and a half behind winner Gary Tuskin was the result, and a much happier John is now looking forward to next Sunday's 25.


24th February

Eight club members chose to start their 2008 season today by riding in the Poole Wheelers organised 27km circuit at Bovington. Fastest starter was Chris Jones in second place on 40:33, 5 seconds faster than last year and beating Julian Thacker by 1:10. Julian, riding his road bike, led a clutch of three CCW members with Paul Gould showing he has been busy over the winter returning 42:56, closely followed by John Chapman on 43:11.

Colin Hoskins was next club member to finish leading another group of three riders with his 46:39. Ian Cardy formed the filling of this particular sandwich with his 46:58. Was it his prodigious mile eating of late, or his attendant camera crew from C+ that blunted the speed he displayed last season? Ian was closely followed by Michelle Lindley, whose 47:06 was a minute improvement on last season.

Mention must go to two other members. Second-claim Julian Foster finished in 47:47, but Peter Tindley was unlucky to suffer a rear wheel puncture near the Moreton Tea Rooms and to add insult to injury lost his computer during his slow ride back to the car.

Winner was Max Baldock with 37:52, just six seconds slower than his winning time of last season.


17th February

There were only four potential starters for the 100km reliability trial this morning, but whether it was this lack of numbers or the bitter cold wind blowing off the sea that caused no-one to sign-on is unclear.

Nick Collins decided to ride back to Bridport leaving Ian Cardy, Julian Thacker and Joe Whitnall to do their own thing over a shorter distance.

One other potential starter never even made it to the start line having become the latest member to join the falling off club. Young Sam Edwards was the victim of a particularly unusual accident last evening whilst cycling home from work in the dark on a cycle track. He was hit head-on by another cyclist who had no lights and was wearing dark clothing. First report is that Sam has suffered whiplash, but nothing more. His helmet won't be doing any more rides though and his front wheel needs straightening, together with a precautionary check of his carbon forks.


10th February

Sundays ride started in bright sunshine for the riders. There was Paul Mace taking a weekend break from RAF duties, Nick Collins who had come over from Bridport and John Chapman.
They met with Julian Thacker at Bowleaze and headed out towards the White Horse hill.
It was at this point that the weather took a dramatic change. The fog had descended and visibility was down to no more than 30mtrs at best. A few people thought about turning back, but all carried on regardless.
At Warmwell Peter Tindley was waiting but he decided, quite sensibly, to head for home.
The group decided to change the route slighty due to the weather and stay off the main roads, so they headed towards Moreton and cut across the heath to start the climb up to Durdle Door.
It was on the climb out of the cove, where the fog was even worse, that Nick lost contact. He had taken the correct route, but the rest had turned right across the range road.
Julian then decided to start the TTT training, all the way back to Weymouth, with John and Paul doing their best to hang on to his wheel.
Back in Weymouth the sun decided to show its self again and the last 5 miles or so were quite pleasant. It also coincided with Julian turning off for home and giving the rest a much needed rest.
The weather aside it was a very hard ride, but a very enjoyable and worthwhile one.


4th February

There were only 5 entrants for the 50 miles reliability trial yesterday, which with the wind strength and threat of rain is not surprising. They were joined by Nick Collins and Paul Gould who cycled over from Bridport to the start and then peeled off when the route completed their circuit.

Janet Read was at the start handing out energy food, which was well accepted by the riders. It is also significant that all entrants opted for the longest timespan of 4 hours. It was also good to see Gordon Scott out for his first outing as a second-claim CCW member. He is obviously quite fit as the quickest finisher and having been spotted training on Saturday morning as well. Michelle Lindley was next in at 5 minutes, followed another 5 minutes later by Chris Jones and Peter Tindley. John Chapman had also been a part of this group, but peeled off at Lanehouse for home.

Qualifiers were:

Gordon Scott, Michelle Lindley, Chris Jones, Peter Tindley and if we are generous, John Chapman.


27th January

The group ride today spanned the full generation of the club. Sam Barker was the youngest and evergreen Peter Tindley was at the other end of the spectrum.
Also out today was Nick Collins, who has shown a great deal of improvement over the last month or so and Neil Wooldridge for his first Sunday outing with the group.
Also the usual suspects of John Chapman, back from a couple of weeks away, and Ian Cardy who was just finishing off a 400 mile week. After a couple of climbs Peter informed the group that the pace was too slow and it was not hilly enough so he was leaving to join up with the CTC group out of Dorchester. However, he was still with the group along the Worgret Heath road where the chance was taken to do some through and off. It was at this point that Ian decided to join Janet's "Falling Off Club" and came down quite heavily on his side. Not one to wimp out he carried on with the group.
On arriving at Dorchester, Sam wisely decided that he had done his training for the day and headed back home. With four riders left the route then climbed Came Down and it was at this point that Ian decided, quite rightly, to head for an early bath and clean up his wounds. Also deciding to depart at this stage was Neil who had run out of drink.
That left just Nick and John to continue. Approaching Goulds Hill for the second time Nick decided that the lure of a sunny day and a nice brew on Lyme seafront was too much and so he headed for home. With the course needing to be proved John continued alone for the remainder of the ride.
It was a shame that Julian Thacker's cassette fell off whilst riding to meet the group as he missed a cracker of a ride. Great ride by Sam today, who as a 14 year old, has proven that he has a lot of potential and a great deal of talent. Well done to all those that made the effort.


21st January

Latest news from Janet Read who took a tumble on Saturday is that she only required some glue to put her back together when she got to A & E. Her knee is a bit stiff and she did get a nasty cut on her head.

Apparently she was trying to outscore Graham Schofield's effort, to join the CTC Falling Off Club. Whilst she succeeded in gaining membership, a ride in an ambulance car doesn't compete with a helicopter flight. Thankfully Janet is not planning another attempt.


20th January

There were ten entrants for this morning's 50k reliability trial consisting of eight members and two guests. It seems to have been an interesting affair even if we discount Peter Washington's new bike, which turned out to be a moped. It was described as a tough day and the course only adds to that, but Chris Jones decided to make it even tougher by riding a fixed gear. His comment was, "Today has to be the hardest ride I have ever done."

Of the two guests, only Joe Whitnall completed the course. Oliver Hill didn't make it to the top of Portesham Hill and despite Shelly, Andrew Preston and Peter Washington waiting for him, he never appeared. Later on Peter Tindley and Duncan Towner missed the Chilcombe turning (not difficult to do) and appear to have added another six miles to the route, not to mention an even steeper climb. From the times it seems that Ian Cardy romped away from the rest, although as he was the only one to opt for the 2hrs 30mins time, it's perhaps not surprising.

Sam Edwards and Nick Collins were looking like finishing in the same time, until Sam punctured in Upwey on the way back. This was his saving as he finished in his allotted time span, whereas Nick finished 11 minutes early and will have to successfully complete two more reliability trials to qualify for his medal. Closest call of the day was Michelle Lindley who finished with just a minute to spare.

CC Weymouth qualifiers were:

Ian Cardy, Sam Edwards, Michelle Lindley, Andrew Preston, Chris Jones, Peter Tindley and Duncan Towner.

Guests: Joe Whitnall


13th January

This week's report from John Chapman describes purgatory similar to others' postings on the Discussion Group.

As predicted the numbers were down this week. Nick Collins came over from Bridport and we met up with Ian Cardy on the seafront. We headed over the White Horse and then on towards the Warmwell roundabout. From there we went right and then over the East Chaldon climb and followed the road around the back and on to Durdle Door. Ian Cardy was looking very strong on the climbs this week and forged ahead. It was a strong headwind up to the top, but once over and down the other side we had a tailwind up to Lulworth Camp. From there we went over Whiteways, another tailwind, but the wind on the top was brutal. We then made our way to Corfe Castle and then left and on towards Wareham. Not satisfied that we had done enough climbing we turned left past the Springfield hotel and made our way towards Creech. We turned left towards East Creech and then over the zig zag and on to Cocknowle. From there we went back over Whiteways and on towards Wool. Ian then told us he needed to get a few more miles in for his Cannes ride so we went towards Moreton and made our way towards Dorchester and then over Came Down. From there it was a gentle ride back home.

Rider of the day goes to Nick Collins as it has been a while since he did a 4 1/2 hr ride, let alone with hills and a very strong wind.


6th January

John Chapman sent in this report of today's Weymouth-based ride.

An excellent ride this morning and a good turnout. I was quite a surprised to see 4 people waiting at Foords Corner when I arrived, Shelly and Chris, Nick Collins and John Baddeley. At Chalbury Corner we met Ian Cardy and Julian Thacker and at Warmwell Cross we met Gary Steadman. It was a bit cold in places, but soon warmed up, around the time we hit the first climb. We did the route that I put on the forum, up until we got back to the Springfield Hotel, by which time I was feeling tired so we turned down toward Wool station. Once we had recovered we split into 2 groups to do some through and off from Wool r/bt to Warmwell r/bt. From there we rode back to Weymouth at a fairly steady pace. Special mention to Shelly for working so hard in what was a decent quality group and sticking with us. Especially has she had done a 3 hour track session yesterday. Speaking to the rest of the riders they all said they really enjoyed the route.