Members 2019


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There is an explanation of 1st and 2nd claim cycling club membership below the members list, if you are a member of more than one cycling club, please read it.

CC Weymouth Members: 2019
Total number of members: 38
Last updated 11.05.19

James Allmond
David Arrowsmith
Jack Bailey
Jon Brumfield
Colin Brumble
David Butt
Stuart Carrington
John Chapman
Patrick Dunn
Philip Clive
Chris Ellis
Andrew Jackson
Rachel Hackman (second claim)
Peter Honeybun
Nick Ireland
Cormac Linehan
Oliver Millar
Matthew Merritt
Martin Mitchell
Dan Murphy
Philip Pavelin
Craig Pinder
Andrew Preston
Greg Parker (second claim)
Richard Porter
Bryce Riglar
Brian Sands
Gordon Scott
Jemma Scott
Phil Smith
Paul Thomas
Kit Walker

Honorary Members

Paul Gould
Dave Heelis
Ian Hollands
Justin Oakley
Adrian Short
Ros Spencer


1st and 2nd Claim Cycling Club membership
With growing numbers of BC registered cycling clubs, it is becoming much more common for cyclists to be members of more than one club, and the issue of what this means affects some CC Weymouth members, so we have written this explanation of the position with regard to 2nd claim membership, and championship points.

The history of 2nd Claim membership is that belonging to cycling clubs has historically been much like football club allegiance - a lifelong association, and the current structure of club membership with first and second claim status reflects this.

When cyclists moved area they would often retain membership of their original club, joining local clubs as second claim members to:

a) support the club whose events they were riding by paying the membership fee; and/or

b) enable them to enter district championship competitions that they would not be able to earn points in riding for their first claim club, because it was in a different region.

Traditionally, second claim members are not given points in championship tables, because they join the club for the reasons above, rather than to be part of club competitions. This rule also prevented good riders joining two clubs that are close to eachother, and devaluing the competition by competing for victory in two championships.

This remains the normal membership position, and is the case for members of other local clubs such as Poole Wheelers, and indeed virtually all clubs in the UK organising time trials under CTT rules - including CC Weymouth.

Road Racing and TimeTrialling
The two disciplines of Road Racing and Time Trialling fall under different governing bodies, so the issue of 2nd claim membership is split: riders who are members of two clubs can decide to be 1st claim of one club in road racing, and 2nd claim for time trialling, or vice versa.

As CC Weymouth does not organise any road races currently, the principle issue is the 1st claim club for Time Trialling – riders who are members of two clubs must decide which is their first claim club for points. 

Declaring 2nd Claim membership status
Prior to March 2015, we assumed members joining online were joining CCW as the first claim club, unless informed otherwise. In future this will be checked, so if you are a member who would rather race in Time Trials for another club this season, and therefore do not wish to take part in the CCW points championship, but would like to support your local club through the payment of membership fees as a second claim member, please email as soon as possible.