Reliability Trials

Prior to each road season, the club promotes four reliability trials starting from Poundbury Cyclesport. From winter 2008/09 changes were made to previous years with different routes and starting in November, spaced about a month apart. The distances start at 50km and now progress through 70km and 100km to the final 130km event. Dates will be published on the Events page, with a reminder appearing on the Home page Announcements board.

There are some basic rules, reproduced below, designed to prevent the event becoming a mini road race and riders are requested to use bikes with mudguards if the weather is likely to be inclement.


Riders time to be stated to the timekeeper before the start. The ride must be completed within the stated time, but riders must not finish in a time more than 10 % lower than the time they have stated. Early finishers will be disqualified. At least 2 out of 4 trials must be completed successfully to qualify for a certificate.

50 km Reliability Trial (guide completion time: 2 hours for the racers, 2.5 to 3 hours for club run regulars, and 3.5 - 4 hours for anyone who's just starting to build miles and/or gets hit by the puncture faries)

The route:
Poundbury cyclesport > Monkey's Jump Roundabout > Martinstown R at T
L to Hardy's Monument > L at X road to Portesham (care on descent) >
L in village (before main road) for Friar Waddon > L at T over Goulds Hill
R to Winterbourne Monkton > L then R over A354 >
R at T,  L to Winterbourne Came > L onto A352
R at roundabout for West Stafford and Crossways
L West Stafford, Lewell, > L at T, 1st L for Woodsford
L Tincleton (no sign) > SO @ staggered X roads to Puddletown
L and R in Puddleton onto A354 > SO at Roundabout over bridge > L at Roundabout (sign Piddlehinton) R at T (Piddlehinton) > In the village sharp L at war memorial (sign Cerne Abbas) up the hill! L at T, back to Dorchester, L at T, R at top o town and back to shop.

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2011 event was held in November, and had over 20 riders taking part.

70 km Reliability Trial (guide 3 hours if you're quick, 3.5 at usual club run speed or 4 hours if you're not used to the distance/hills)
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The 2011 70K (40 mile) reliability trial is to be held on Sunday December 18th, with the start and finish at Poundbury cyclesport.

The ride will leave the shop at 09:00, please arrive to sign on between 08:30 and 08:50. The ride is free, and you don't have to be a CC Weymouth member to take part.

Please note that unaccompanied minors can only take part in reliability trials by prior arrangement, and will usually have to have completed at least 2 club runs before being allowed to take part. For further details please contact Andrew on 07768 441796.

100 km Reliability Trial (guide 4, 4 1/2 or 5 hours)
Poundbury cycle sport > A35 RBT
2nd Exit Martinstown
L at T B3159
in Upwey R cycle route – watery lane
L at T (A354)
R at TL (littlemoor rd)
L up Coombe Valley Rd
SO at X
L at T (A352)
SO at RBTx2
Slight right at mini rbt Alington Rd/B3143
R at TL (B3150)
1st L (B3143)
up piddle valley
R at T (B3143)
L at T (A3030)
R at T (A352)
1st left at bottom of hill
bear left through Thornford
L signs Yetminster
> SO through Yetminster & Chetnole
R at T
R at T immediately R at A35
1st L > SO through Evershot
L at A356 > SO through Maiden Newton
R at T A37
> Dorchester
& Rtn to Poundbury Cyclesport