1. The Club shall be called Cycle Club Weymouth.

2. The Club colours shall be purple and fluorescent yellow.

3. The Club shall affiliate to such bodies as the Committee deem desirable.

4. The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of members of the Club elected at the AGM. The committee shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Time Trial Secretary, plus any other interested members elected at the AGM. At any committee meeting, half the committee membership must be present.

5. The AGM shall be held not later than the 30th November each year, at which all officers and business for the following year shall be decided. Notice of the meeting shall be given at least 21 days before the meeting and items on the agenda received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

6. A candidate for membership shall forward to the Treasurer a completed application form together with the annual subscription.

7. The level of the annual subscription shall be decided at the AGM. Subscriptions shall be due on the 1st January each year. Renewals not received by 28th February each year shall result in forfeit of club membership. Any new member joining after 1st September shall be a member of the club until 31st December of the following year.

8. Any member wishing to resign shall notify the secretary in writing and settle any debts to the Club.

9. The Club shall promote both Open and Club events and these events shall be promoted under the rules of the appropriate governing bodies.

10. First Claim members must ride in the name of the Club in all Open events.

11. A list shall be kept of all Time Trialing Records and any first claim member breaking a record whilst riding for the Club shall have the feat marked by the presentation of an award to be decided by the Committee, provided that such record is ratified by the Committee. The onus shall be on the rider to inform the Time Trial Secretary of any improvements.

12. Club records and club standards claims are only open to first-claim members of the club.

13. No juvenile member under 14 years of age may go out on a Club run unless accompanied by a parent or guardian adult.

14. Decisions taken by the Committee shall be final and binding, provided that such decisions are within the rules of the Club.

15. Revision of these rules shall only be made at the AGM of the Club.

16. The conduct of a member is expected to be in accordance with the Club’s affiliated bodies. If a member is thought to have brought the Club into disrepute, that member shall be required to appear before a Disciplinary Committee where relevant action will be decided (this may include expulsion from the Club). The member suspected of disrepute shall choose three Committee Members to constitute the Disciplinary Committee. The outcome of the Disciplinary Committee will be submitted to the full Committee for ratification and subsequent action will be communicated in writing.